Sunday, August 2, 2009

Open all night

That's certainly how it feels these days.
There are not enough hours in the day - it's a frequent complaint from me. I doubt it'll change any time soon.

It's Monday tomorrow - ah the joy. I am expecting to have Squealer at school all week -that will be nice. I'm looking forward to it.
I'm not expecting any more funerals in the near future - that will also be nice.

Today I spent sometime re-vamping Ellie's Myspace page. She now has a picture not a cartoon. See pic on the right: - this is where I hope it showed up!! lol
Let me assure you all she is indeed a blonde, and always has been. Let me throw a few quotes in here from killerbyte...


“Mobil on Gallows Road in half an hour. We’ll meet you just inside the main entrance.”


“Me and Ellie.”

“Ellie the blonde chick you had coffee with at Borders about a month ago?”

I spoke, “Hey Davy, and yeah, that Ellie.”

And later...

I hadn’t recognized the cloudy dead eyes I’d seen earlier. He was dangling from a tree, partially obscured by branches and I didn’t get a good look. I knew the next time I saw him he’d look fabulous. It amazed me how morticians could make the dead appear as if they’re simply sleeping.

“Lane McNab.”

“He was supposed to be me?” I knew him; he wasn’t a big guy and was a few inches shorter than me.

“Yes, he was. We had him wear a cap like yours with a long blonde wig under it.”


So you can see, Ellie is indeed a blonde.

What else- not a whole helluvalot actually. Been working on the story boarding of terrorbyte today. It's kinda fun in a major brain ache kinda way. I condensed 32 possible scenes down to 12. Or so. It's not final by any means. And then there are still shots - seemingly random images that are in fact very important. I made headway. Hopefully it'll all work out. Whether or not I can get hubby back on board remains to be seen. He was all gun-ho about book trailers then just stopped. I'm still waiting for the re-vamped killerbyte trailer that he was 'supposedly' going to do. (and before you ask -yes he does read my blog and none of this is news to him! lol)

I think I have a headache. I mentioned earlier to Mac that there was a possibility of my head exploding - looks like I was correct. I expect brain fluid to pour down my nose any second... better than have it dribble from my ear.

Oh and Sara announced her 2-book deal today so now I can say - woo freaking hoo!! Go Sara! You rock. (Imagine if Ellie and Troy ever met... that would be hilarious.)

Well that's about it really - apparently the Squealer is not asleep (it's 10 pm) she just came down for an antihistimine. Which she took.

Goodnight you lot - try and behave while I'm asleep... please. And make sure there are some really awesome blogs for me to read when I wake up! That would be great - thanks.


Sara J. Henry said...

Yes, but I think I was picturing more of a dirty blond (dark blond)- and not quite so ethereal looking!

Thanks for the note about my book deal. The fact that I have deadlines now calms me down.

PS I need you to send me your address - if you're receiving mail now, that is!

Cat Connor said...

Wow I never thought of her as a dirty blonde - although it might be fun to play with that pic some and see what happens... gotta love photoshop.

I'm glad you're calmer now - deadlines are great.. stops all that floating aimlessly thinking that you should be doing something!

So what is the next book about??

I twittered you my address. :-)

I see you...

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