Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday morning and all's well

Let me tell you about our weekend. (briefly cos Monday's are busy things)

A lot of you will know the Ball was on Saturday night - and the after-party too, and that I was helping supervise the 200+ kids. From midnight to 4 am.

We had a fabulous night, the kids (sorry - young adults) had a wonderful time. When thinking about highlights of the after party... I have a few to share.

Firstly the Boy Wonder - this is the second time he's introduced me to his mates recently (this time a new batch, cos obviously the others know me). This how it goes:

"This is my Mom, Cat Connor, she's a crime thriller writer."
General chit chat. Where the recipient of the news/introduction talks about how cool that is.
"You should buy her book!"

The other highlights were pale in comparison... I met TK (the young man who won the telethon big night in singing competition) - he is undoubtedly an awesome singer who will go far. And bless him - still isn't used to signing autographs and having people ask for pics with him. (Yes I did - got his autograph for Squealer and had my pic taken with him)

And then there was the general fabulousness of the party goers. It's only parties that go wrong that make the news, but quite frankly ones that are wonderfully organised (Jenny did a freaking awesome job with the organizing of the event) and run smoothly should get press!!
Rosanne, Megan and I had a blast. This was a party full of polite nice kids - who drank, and danced, and chatted and had fun. A few kids had too much to drink - but that was only a few and even they were quite happy in their drunkenness!

I got to bed about 4:45 Sunday morning. Yay for No Doze. Was up before 10 - three hours uninterrupted sleep. Fell asleep on the couch last night but woke in time for NCIS. (oh what an awesome episode that was)

This morning I had an email form my publisher (I heart my publisher, as you all know) and when I can I shall share our super cool news. Yes that's right there's news a coming...

Now it's kindy time... damn it!

I have to go spend two hours playing in the sandpit... life is tough. :-)


Karen from Mentor said...

Happy that the weekend was so great.

Have fun in the sandbox and don't play with any lumps you find.


P.S. You should totally buy that tee shirt that reads "My kid approves of me" and wear it proudly.

Cat Connor said...

I really should! In fact I might make one and put his photo on it??? :-)

Karen from Mentor said...

Hey, Are you going to come play hint fiction with me? I have a contest up at my place for 25 words or less stories.

My stories involve alcohol, stupidity and gushing blood. Unlike your saturday night. It only had alcohol.


Cat Connor said...

I am! I dropped in earlier - couldn't think of anything and decided I'd come back after Breezy was at kindy.

I see you...

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