Thursday, August 20, 2009

Latest nobtastic review and a catch up

Little Miss Breezy has started afternoon kindergarten - which effectively gives me 10 1/2 less hours at my desk per week! Crazy really... this is why I put off the whole kindergarten thing until now. (Terrorbyte is almost done - and I'm no longer up to my ears in revisions/edits)

Although on Tuesday afternoon I did get to be home alone for a WHOLE hour. Not really long enough to get anything done - so it's just as easy to stay at kindy and watch Breezy play with her new friends. (and make some myself... there are other adults, imagine that? Other women with three year olds. Unbelievable!)

It's become apparent that Miss Breezy is rather advanced for her age. Not really a surprise, she's the youngest child and around very articulate big people all the time.

I promised a new review... and you shall have it.

I got an email from my publisher (I heart her so much) containing an email with a link... nothing else. For a a second there that terrified me. Then the browser opened and I got to read... and the reviewer LOVED killerbyte. Whew!


Today the I start filming the terrorbyte book trailer... oh BIG fun!!


Hagelrat said...

silly, what do you have to worry about, it's a great book!

Cat Connor said...

Thank you!
I think it's like waiting for the other shoe to drop... :-)

Anonymous said...

And I heart you too!
Looking forward to seeing the new trailer!

I see you...

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