Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hot and heavy with the blogs at the mo!

God knows what blogger was thinking earlier this morning - but it screwed up big time and did something very odd with the text and font.

Not to worry.

Today is sunny - SUNNY. Do you know how long it's been since we've had SUN? Feels like forever (actually I think it was last week... I know it was sunny in Christchurch on Thursday - possible here too).. moving on.

Now - this made me smile, and has given me a much needed boost today. (I'll explain the need for a boost in a cotton-pickin' minute, patience!)Pop through the link (pretend you're Alice) and read the fabulous review killerbyte received. >>> Unbound

And if you haven't already go buy it! I mean, really, folks -what are you waiting for? (This is where I announce a price drop by the way - so you can pick up killerbyte for under $10 - that's a total bargain! - if you have an iPhone or iPod touch you can pick killerbyte up for $5.99 through iTunes)

Now ^ up there somewhere I said I needed a boost... yesterday the bottom fell out of my day somewhat and I realized I was losing the plot. I could not figure it out. The reason became quite clear this morning. It's August.
August! Next month is September.
Terrorbyte is in the second round of edits - and hurtling toward a release date. I have story- boarded the trailer but apart from organizing the few things that I can film without help - I'm not even close to having a completed book trailer.
(AND I saw TV advertising for Christmas - like I need that - they seem to start earlier and earlier every year! Fuc'n Christmas adverts in August - it's just ridiculous!)

I haven't been able to work(write) for what feels like weeks. With one thing and another - mainly child/family related - I can't concentrate. No matter how loud the music is!!! God know's I've tried to block it all out with a wall of noise. (Thank god for an understanding neighbor!!)
I have two WIP's both clamoring for my attention - plus terrorbyte, plus the next book - exacabyte. A friend of mine is working on a tie-in novel, which quiet frankly is very cool but I'm no where near being able to work on that with him. Basically I'm trying to keep everything else at bay and just let terrorbyte be foremost in my mind (and exacabyte - because whatever we change, tweak, etc in terrorbyte has to be reflected in exacabyte and it's easier if I make those changes and/or notes now while it's all fresh.)

So anyway - I couldn't be happier with the new review of killerbyte. It made my day much brighter!
Here's hoping terrorbyte is as well received.


Hagelrat said...

I shall be tapping Joan up for a review copy, can't wait to see what trouble these guys get into next. :)
Are your books available in hardcopy? I might try and get one because I am putting together a list of books mum can have a look at and consider for her various book groups. I think Killerbyte would be good.

Cat Connor said...

They're only e-book.

I think it would be a fun book for a book group of book club.
What we need is kind sponsors to provide kindles or sony readers - :-)

Hagelrat said...

yup, that's exactly what we need. Also, I can't hound you into signing an ebook for me. Damn the technology. ;)

Cat Connor said...

I can sign postcards though :-)

Someone asked for one the other day -so I'm mailing on Tuesday (if not before). Let me know if you'd like one!

I see you...

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