Sunday, August 30, 2009

The distance

I heard that song a few times yesterday- we were out and about, had my mp3 player in the car. Mainly because Breezy found it for me the other day and asked me to put Bon Jovi on it. NOTHING else. Who am I to argue with a 3 1/2 year old?
(Especially one with exceptional musical tastes...)

As you know I'm writing again - right back in the deep end - letting Ellie tell me a story I've never heard in it's entirety before. I knew a little - enough that I wrote a book after the one I'm now embroiled in. What I didn't know was the detail - I didn't know how some things came to be.
Now the song, The Distance by Bon Jovi, holds some clues to parts of the story. (The giant blue eye ball gave you a hint!)
I'm finding the journey amusing, interesting, and at times quite uncomfortable.
The worst thing about the process for me, is not being able to say much - because you all haven't read terrorbyte yet.
And between terrorbyte and this story comes exacabyte.
It's kinda weird working ahead of what everyone knows. But then I'm from the future so it shouldn't make much difference to me! lol

Today is a filming day. I'm hoping the weather will hold long enough to pour of blood over Kane's head (god I hope this blood doesn't stain -too much) and down his face while at the river.
This will amuse on-lookers.
Or, someone will call an ambulance...
Which will amuse me.

I also need some other shots from the river bed area... they all involve lots of blood. Good fun.
And Chris has to get the damn knife. How many times do I have to ask? we know where it is - the only obstacle here is -- him not wanting to climb up into the crawl space in the roof. (It's where the weapons are, so the kids can't get to them - big freaking knives, swords, throwing stars, throwing knives, nunchucks, staffs, practice swords and I think some kind of blow dart thingy-whats-it? - my husband the ninja, has it all)

Maybe I'll write a book with a Ninja as a character just so he can dress in his black jammies again? (yes, taking the piss... I'm not about to write some martial art story - not with a straight face anyway. I'm still haunted by Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.)

What else is new? Well, it's Sunday and I've been awake since 5:30 cos Breezy woke then. I managed to stay in bed until 6.

I'm about to have a shower (yes, you NEED to know that), because if I don't do it now, I'm going to start work... and then I'll end up at the river in my jammies - because time will get away from me and so will the weather.

Milly (the cat loving rabbit) has tossed her food dish - ah a rabbit with a temper. Well she can just eat off the floor - I'm not picking that mess up. I cannot be held responsible for her lack of opposable thumbs - she threw the dish by grabbing it with her teeth... she can pick the mess up with her teeth.. if she's smart (and it's doubtful) she'd just eat her way through it. (Those lucky feet of hers may find themselves hanging from my keyring if she carries on like this!)

Try and be good (or at least careful)... and let me know how your weekend is going!


Hagelrat said...

Is this a fourth Ellie book? Please?

Cat Connor said...

yes, yes it is.
There are four written:
working on number 4 which is Satellite.

I see you...

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