Sunday, August 9, 2009

Are New Zealanders really that stupid?

The debate in our house this morning is about stupidity.

Ya see I currently have two copies of killerbyte up for auction on for Kids Can stand tall telethon - both have a bid on them (a whole dollar). I mentioned this to Chris.

His opinion is - "It's because NZers don't get e-books. And why would you buy something that you'd have to spend $1400 to read?" - he was talking purchasing an e-book reader here. Then he said, no one at his work got it when I sent out emails saying killerbyte had been released.

hmmm - not exactly a representative group. I happen to know there are people at his work who can't open their own attachmetns, can't remove labels from books, and need someone else to push print for them. Yep - real bright!

Now, my arguement is that people do get it - for example the mothership got it just fine and grasped that she could read killerbyte on her PC. And did.
People read on their iPods, iPhones, blackberry's, palmpilots - ya know, things they already have.
Laptops are fairly portable, hence the whole laptop thing.
So why would people think they HAD to have some special reader device?

Help me out here people -prove that kiwi's aren't stupid and do grasp the concept of e-books.
I would've thought they'd sell like hotcakes here because regular paperbacks are OVER priced. It's normal to spend upwards of $30 for a paperback. When an e-book is well under $20 (talking NZ dollars here) and its instant. There's no waiting. No driving. No malls. No trying to find a car park... given longer I could fill the page with reasons to buy an e-book. :-)

Just saying -I don't think as a group kiwi's are as dumb as they're being made out to be but some proof would be good.

(Admittedly I cannot grasp why e-book readers are so expensive, technology is cheap - and e-book readers are just that- readers - it's not like they make calls or coffee!)

Because this post is being searched so often I'm going to update it.

Kindle is now available at our local stupidmarket and from Dick Smith stores here! Amazon's whispernet is fully supported in NZ.
I bought my Kindle in the USA while on a trip and bought one for Action Man for his birthday this year... NZers do get eReaders. I was right. (That's important, people!) Okay it took a few years for the technology to be fully embraced but by God it has been!!
What was wrong with Chris's argument... is what he now knows, his former place of employment was NOT a representation of New Zealanders at all. Quite the very sheltered opposite. (similar to a sheltered workshop in some respects!!)
He now works for a real company - and crikey - people who READ.

And for your entertainment.

Exacerbyte is currently number #5 on the Mobipocket suspense thriller best seller list. People get it!

Also - if you'd like... book depository is still the cheapest place to buy my paperbacks. (No shipping charges and last I looked the books were NZD$23.00 approx.)

Oh, and because Kiwi's GET IT - I released a collection of short stories in solely eFormats. (ePub included) You can get it here for a whole dollar!


Hagelrat said...

If they develop an ereader that can not only show me the book but anticipate my desire for coffee and arrange delivery from one of the many coffee shops in Leicester I would be happy to pay 200gbp. :)
I think in Aus and NZ ebooks are a great idea, presumably overcoming the excessive import charges and resulting price increase of paperbacks. I love my paperbacks and live in the UK so they are fairly inexpensive, but even I can see the benefit, I can't believe none of the kiwis can.

Phil said...

To be honest, I was the same with music until very recently; I liked having something I could see (a CD) rather than a set of MP3 files that until recently, because of copy protection, couldn’t be moved easily from machine to machine. Now that the music download market has settled into something much more flexible I download for many of the reasons you mention regarding e-books; ease of purchase, no travelling to a shop, no waiting etc.

However, I suspect that some people’s perception of the e-book industry is that it’s in a similar place to the music industry of a few years ago. A really cheap e-book reader (the size makes them more convenient than a laptop) and e-books that had no copy-protection or a standard form of copy protection (so people wouldn’t feel bound to one type of e-reader) might give the industry a massive boost. I think this format has huge potential.

Cat Connor said...

I agree with you both.

I also think that down here, e-books should be fully embraced because of the carbon miles attached to traditional publishing and not just the astronomical cost of paperbacks(forget buying a hardback!). There's a big picture and most people only see a little of it. (or choose to see?)

And yes - the formats of e-books need to suit all manner of readers, not just one or two, without having to download special programs (free or not.)

I thought long and hard before going the e-pubbed route. Globally it's awesome. No foreign rights to worry about. Instant access across the world. I see benefits in an industry that traditionally has a shite load of waste. E-books transform publishing into something sustainable and easy on the environment.
AND I saw records change to CD's and Mp3 come along. I watched video emerge and be replaced by DVD, and movie downloads. It makes sense to use the technology we have and move forward.
It's fun. It's growth. It's surprisingly easy to adapt to -if you give yourself a chance.

I shall hop off my soap box now!

Anonymous said...

I think you're right about NZer's not 'getting it' regarding ebooks. I'm quite happy with using my laptop - as you say, its portable, lol.
And *sigh*, I too know one of these techno-idoits, we also doesnt appear to know the difference between 'no' and 'know'. Seriously, wtf?

(Not really anonymous, just dont have Google a/c or whatever)


Cat Connor said...

damn! I was hoping to be wrong, Julie.

This could be a whole new subject...We all know one or two of the truly technologically retarded... but when people can hold down jobs as account managers - and don't know how to read attachments in email, or print a document, or get the very basic reports they need to 'do the job' (even tho they've all been trained and some of them over-and-over again). Ya gotta wonder how they keep their jobs.
I don't expect those people to grasp ebooks and well anything above using a toaster really... but the rest?

You and I manage to read on laptops and pc''s not difficult! :-)

I see you...

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