Saturday, July 18, 2009

Super duper new computer

Happy Saturday to you all. (Freaking catch up will ya? It's Saturday afternoon... move on world!)

You'll have to bear with me here as I grow more accustomed to my new keyboard... for some reason my hands want to sit too far to the left and keep hitting the caps lock, calculator, and internet buttons! Most frustrating.

Apart from the sales man at the Upper Hutt branch of Noel Lemmings being a complete idiot who couldn't sell his own mother something useful... it's going rather well. We trotted down to the Lower Hutt store this morning and explained how stupid U/Hutt were - funnily enough they weren't surprised. So - we now have the answers the questions we really needed to know - like - if Vista shits itself how the hell do you reinstall it?? (no disks) Why don't I have Outlook -no one told me Outlook was now optional!? What the hell is windows mail? and a few others that cropped up.
I also got Office 2007, and got it discounted. Thank you Queensgate Noel Lemmings for knowing what customer service is and fixing the cock-up made by Upper Hutt.

Guess where we will be going again?
That's right - Queensgate.

So anyway - Office is installed. I'm about to back up my system. Have this fancy smancy new DVD drive that draws on the multi-million dollar disks? Too cool.

Play nice folks... I'll be back soon

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