Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The red notebook

Great title for a blog huh?
The red notebook.. if any of you knew how hard it tis to find THE RIGHT NOTEBOOK, you'd understand the title.
I search far and wide- if the notebook doesn't feel righti n my hands - back on the shelf it goes.

The best-ever notebook can never be repeated. I didn't know if was going to be the best-ever and only bought one. I should've stocked up. Silly me.
But then in thinking about that - I purchase notebooks with their contents in mind. So had I stocked up on the "best-ever notebook' it probably wouldn't have worked for this project.
(They really are project specific things)
Now I which I had a spelling specific spell checker -why oh why does the spell checker in Chrome act so fecking retarded?

So anyway - I have a lovely red notebook. It's hard covered and has red fabric on the cover -so it feels nice in my hands. It's the perfect size and it works.

Last night I cracked a scene that was really annoying me -mostly because I couldn't get comfy with my old notebooks -and I tried several. But last night, oh the joy, I filled ten pages. I got it. It worked.
Oh how I heart my new red notebook.
Then I made notes (comprehensive ones) for several other scenes... and how fabulous it will be to write them up later.

Today is the crappiest day we've had in a long time... I can cope with rain, but it's windy as well... wind sucks!
I have to go to Silverstream today to get Squealers script - it's a long way. Too far for gumboots. Cos they aren't made for walking... (hang on while I get Billy Ray out of my head - okay we're good. Am hoping Breezy didn't notice she's really on a Billy Ray kick at the moment and entertained everyone at the bus stop yesterday with 'Achy breaky heart')

I shall leave the Silverstream trip until later in the day - I remember TV3 weather last night and there was a promise of this rain and murk disappearing by lunchtime. Hoping they're right? They're always right. I have faith.

Ohh must remember to order a new toner thingy for my printer. I will not forget. I will write in on my orange notepad that sits on my day planner... I will not forget!!!

We have an extra child today - already the noise is getting to me. And it's not the extra child making it, it's the Squealer. Oh it will be a long day.

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