Friday, July 10, 2009

PlastiCuffs and Duct tape

It's amazing how much dicking around I can do when I should be freeing Ellie from, well, PlastiCuffs and duct tape! Duh!
The poor woman has been trust up like a freaking turkey in the back of her own car for almost four days now - I'm pretty sure she's not enjoying it. Probably why she's been harassing me to finish writing the scene. And yet - here I sit blogging! Un-freaking-believable.

In my defense I have practically finished the scene and just need to type it in to the manuscript. It's all here, in the large notebook open next to me. I just can't be bothered opening the file and doing it right now. Partly because Word is sooo slow at opening it's painful. And partly because I've had a few glasses of wine and that may influence my writing. (badly - she's trapped, she's not happy - but if I write it now it'll either get way way worse or she'll be a giggling mess. let's not go there)

The funny thing here will be - people goggling PlastiCuffs and Duct tape will find my blog tonight! I wonder if that will get more hits than Chlorine gas? It's late, I've been drinking, and that amuses me!

So anyway -how was our day? (this is my interested face... deal with it.)

Mine was pretty good. I took the Squealer and Breezy to Lower Hutt to meet friend Denise and her lovely boys. We had coffee and a long chat. Loved it. Really enjoyed meeting Denise. It's so nice to be able to put a real person to the twitters!

I dabbled in a spot of stalking (waves to Kane). That was most satisfying and jolly good fun... although I'm thinking he's as good at it as I am.

I probably did other things too. I... ah yes.. I came up with my very first interview questions. So there might be an interview here shortly! Cross something... (Just make sure you can still walk and stuff.)

Bed is calling - it's saying drink a glass of water and curl up in my snuggly warmth. I can hear it it's quite loud and insistent.
Tomorrow I will finish this scene. It obviously needs to sit for another night - I can only hope it has a good reason. Maybe Mac's pissed at Ellie and this is him getting his own back...

Uh oh, distraction.. Supernatural is on. Which means Jensen Ackles.

Anyone who didn't yet call me Princess or mention a song by my fav band and get their free copy of Archive (a short story collection) can still do so. Just leave me a comment or email me... or twitter me. :-)

Be good.

If you haven't already go buy my book! It's fan-freaking-tastic. Would I lie?


Sara J. Henry said...

I LOVE Jensen Ackles. Loved him in Dark Angel. I could see him as Simon in my book.


Cat Connor said...

He'd be an awesome Simon.

You know what - I could almost see him in killerbyte as Mac.

Best our books don't shoot at the same time... :-)

Dawn in NL said...

Hey Princess :-) would your favourite band be Bon Jovi by any chance?
Came for QC but stayed for a read.

All the best,

I see you...

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