Thursday, July 9, 2009

Never say goodbye

Yes I'm listening to Bon Jovi. It's early. It's freaking cold. I NEED to work. The only way I can get into the right head space is with Bon Jovi.

This is for four reasons:
1. The stories inside the music often work with what I'm trying to do/say - some songs act like a jump start for tricky scenes.
2. I like them.
3. I can disappear into my work and write more easily with music playing - it either drowns the kids out or soothes them!
3. More importantly Breezy doesn't get tired of hearing Bon Jovi (or singing along)- she does tire of The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith, and she even tires of country music. (Which begs the question, how is she my child?)
So this morning I came up with this clever idea. Maybe.

I feel the urge to give something away.
Then it came to me... a collection of short stories. I have a few that have been published in various places. It's not difficult to gather them together and create a pdf or mobipocket file thingy - (okay the mobi thing isn't as easy as it could be, but I can figure it out!)
For fun I may even toss in a few of my favorite recipes.

Anyone got any thoughts on this?

This collection will have an R16 rating. Due to one story (a favorite of mine) being a little too graphic with the violence for youngsters. (quite honestly there are days when it's too graphic for me too)

So anyway that was my brilliant idea for the morning.

The rest of today will be spent going over Terrorbyte AGAIN - and finishing a scene - that was a little tricky but I got it! I almost succeeded without having to act it out - almost.
I try to keep my crazy behavior to a minimum, especially in school holidays - when children that aren't mine could witness it.

I'm sure everyone cringes when a small person says "Why is daddy in the bath covered in blood?" Right?


"Mummy can I have some more blood, my syringe is empty?" or my favorite. "It's my turn to shoot him. I want the gun!!"

Oh now there's an idea... the recipe in the book might be my super blood recipe. (it's really good, and sooo yummy)

Ya see, sometimes writing is a family game we can all play. :-)
This is especially true when we're shooting scenes for a trailer. Which we will start filming next month. It's really the only time my work becomes fully interactive... and everyone wants to play!!

Hope you're all having a fun day.
I shall now bury myself in writing - while Livin' on a Prayer



Lee said...

"Mummy can I have some more blood, my syringe is empty?"

lol. that's fantastic!

Cat Connor said...

You can probably picture the total cuteness of that no problem - LOL.

The things Breezy comes out with are just brilliant!

I see you...

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