Sunday, July 26, 2009

The morning after the night before

Well what a week.

Of course The Boy wonder's 18th was my focus all week -then Nana up and died at the ripe old age of 97. She wasn't ill for any extended period. In fact she was unwell Wednesday night and gone lunch time Friday. If you're gonna go, go quick. In our family we like to spin our lives out as long as possible but not make to much fuss at the actual end. (It's the way we operate. It's either death at someone else's hand, accident, or LONG life)

So Nan'a untimely demise threw me a little, I never actually believed her death was a possibility. (This is a woman who NEVER had a flu or cold - seriously. She was a child in the great flu pandemic and it competely missed her, her two sisters and her parents. - The theory is we're repllent to germs. Or at least Nana was!)

Onward - We shall journey to the center of the South Island for the funeral next week... well more the middle but on the edge really.

Now- last night was The Boy Wonders 18th birthday party. What a marvellous affair that was.
I cleaned almost all day... needn't have bothered... No, that's not true at all. Apart from a lot of bottles, the only casualty was my pristine sparkling lino in the kitchen, dining room, downstairs bathroom, and laundry.
It took two buckets of HOT water and felt like an old Handy Andy commercial this morning as I cleaned it until it once again gleamed!

Seriously that was the worst part of the night - and that was this morning!!

We had about 50 (mostly young men) kids here and 7 girls - but apparently I counted as a girl too, so 8.

We even had the joy of meeting some of the Irish first 15 who are currently being bulleted by our first 15. My joy was complete when Ross (from Belfast) insisted on hearing some Irish music. Shame I didn't know he was coming... I could've moved the rabbit cage and handed over all my Irish pub song CD's. He was great fun - and not above saying 'Third and thirty third' for us.
We had a wee chat about Father Ted. (as ya do)
I wish Squealer could've met him, she'd get a kick out of hearing her name spoken by him. (I have a feeling he wouldn't need a phonetic spelling to do it.)

The only minor incident - was Squealer related. The boys were clammering for cake. So I got the Boy Wonder to light the candles - now - these guys love to sing happy birthday... they put everything into it. (we're talking mostly Jocks here - they're loud and have deep voices) They SUNG. Then the chanting began. It was fabulous, almost raised the roof and thankfully short lived.
The sudden noise was what woke the Squealer - with her Aspergers, ADD, and co-morbid anxiety - things like that can cause quite a melt down. Which it did. But thankfully it was short lived. I just popped downstairs and explained to the boys that I didn't want them out in the hallway (where the noise travels directly upstairs) and why, and they did their level best to comply.

I did have a bit of fun - walking up behind a young man or two - it wasn't intentional, me just trying to get through the throng. But several thought I over-heard something I shouldn't have and were embarrassed and apologetic - hilarious. I only wish I HAD heard whatever it was.
ha ha ha

As for drunken behavior - I removed one drink from someone because they spilled it on my desk - I was a touch paranoid about my new PC. And I really liked the kid too - so no hard feelings there. There was only one person I considered to be really drunk. He was staggering and engtertaining. The others were drinking but not stupid about it. (My how teenagers have changed) None of the girls were over the top drunk. No one had cars here. Everyone either walked or arranged rides from parents. A few of the rugby boys caught a taxi on after we booted everyone out at one.

That was the easiest thing out - turned off the music, told Josh is was goodbye time... we thanked everyone, hugged many of them, and ushered them out the door. A few even offered to help tidy up.

I got to see a few boys I hadn't seen for many years. One hadn't changed a bit - still the same grin on his face he had at the ripe old age of 4!

All in all - a bloody marvelous night and yes, I'd do it again. These kids are AWESOME.

And guess what? I managed to get through the evening without insulting any of them ... I think. Most had been warned of my lack of tact so were prepared.

The quickest disappearing food - FAIRY BREAD, followed by ricebubble cake. I made a cob loaf dip (Rosanne's recipe and truly yummy) - it garnered much attention and the kids got stuck into it - lots of comments about how delicious it was.
Apparently the cake was damn good too. It was a chocolate and coffee layer cake.

I shall now endeavor to get pictures off my camera without the software? Can't find the Kodak disk, so may have to go upstairs and get Chris's.

Be good y'all.

Breakfast would be good too. (I think Cheesecake)

Oh and someone reportedly thought I was a third former (year 9) ha ha ha ha

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