Thursday, July 9, 2009

Make mine a stalker

I figure I've got about an hour to write this blog before I get to chat with someone I haven't seen in weeks despite the proximity of our houses. Ridiculous tho it is... it's winter and therefore we don't hang out on the deck at night (like we did this last summer and autumn) so we don't get to have our nightly chat over shooting stars.

BUT - ya see, I got a text tonight that made me smile. His computer is fixed... that means he can be Mr. Interactive-neighbor-guy. (Well more interactive than texts and the occasional phone call! I mean interactive in a now he can see what I get up to online kinda interactive -quick hide all the comments... )

Now I did come up with a cunning plan today - it was just the cleverest thing out. Now I have assembled a small short story collection titled "Archive" this is in a PDF. (I am sad to say that I've almost run out of cool geek words to manipulate to my own end for titles and had to go with an actual word!).
Now this collection is all previously published work and all mine. There are five stories, one of them is even set here in New Zealand, Christchurch in actual fact! - there is a chance someone will even recognize a street name! (Incredible) -Markie if you find this -yes it's the story that made you a household name at....well, Chrissy's place... lol.
At some stage there will be another collection of another five published stories.

Now the thing with this collection is - it's not for sale. No one can buy it....

The only way to get a copy is to call me Princess.

No, that's not it. Although let me tell ya, it won't hurt. :-)

I'm actually feeling very generous at the moment.

To get a copy of Archive. (BTW this is not a suitable collection for under 16's due to one story being a little graphic with the violence - justified tho - just let me say! It ain't gratuitous.)

Name the band I listen to when I'm working. You can put it in comments or email me if you so desire. Don't worry about giving the answer away - trust it's not hard and anyone who has ever read my blog will know it.
Answer is mentioned in the previous blog, in fact. (oh hell it's even in the tags!)

I'm hoping that when I wake up tomorrow I can contact everyone and fire off your copies.

Meanwhile... Have a nice day.

A wee treat for my very cool neighbor -yes this is him - see... cool!


joandelahaye said...

Would that be Bon Jovi by any chance?
And does your wonderful publisher also get a copy for her own little self to enjoy? mmmmm

Karen from Mentor said...

(jumps up and down with her hand in the air)

Bon Jovi Bon Jovi!!!

Pick me pick me!

Cat Connor said...

My wonderful publisher most certainly does get her own copy to enjoy. Check your email!

Karen - check your email!

Merrilee said...

Yay Bon Jovi! Send me some shorts! Woo!

Cat Connor said...


I see you...

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