Friday, July 3, 2009

iphone applications!

What a title for a blog.
Considering I don't have an iphone or an ipod... and don't feel in any danger of suddenly acquiring one either! (although it would be cool)

But killerbyte is now an iPhone app.

This is pretty cool.

Today is usually a day when good things happen.
It's the 3rd of July and a significant date in my life. (that's all you need to know) Once again something on the good side of intersting has occurred... which makes me wonder just how good this iphone app thing is going to get.

Although I saw a 4+ on the iTunes page with killerbyte on it... and clicked to see what that meant. It means this... "Applications in this category contain no objectionable material"
That to me seems a little bit of a stretch.
I kinda expected it to have a warning "Prepare to be scared witless, contains gore and occasional use of the f-word!"

hmmm life is a funny ol' thing.

So anyway the boy-wonder is thrilled to bits that I'm now an iPhone app. (as he would be)

Sadly being an app. doesn't get the dishes done, or the vacuuming... doesn't even make beds! I'm pretty damn sure it won't help cook dinner either.
Although - if some kind of sales miracle happens it may well provide dinner... :-)

This afternoon is yet another round of thrilling therapy for the Squealer... which translates into an hour of boredom for me and Breezy. We've read ALL the books in the playroom... we've played with ALL of the toys. So today we're bringing daddy to play with.
He's actually meeting us there which is instead of arriving at 5 to take us home, (he's taking off from work early) and joining us for the wait. Oh the wait!

I have to remember to pick the Squealer up early today -it's not our usual day and I'm having trouble retaining the change in my mind.
Maybe I should get Breezy to remind me on a constant basis throughout the day? She does good nag.

I suppose I should go fire off a Myspace blog/bulletin/something about this iPhone coolness - can you feel my enthusiasm today?
Well if you can, could you please find a way of injecting it back into me? I'm running on fumes over here.

Haven't even really twittered today... *pulls finger out of you-know-where*

Off to work I go. :-)

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