Thursday, July 23, 2009

I can't find my gumboots!!

Seriously - I can't find them. It's freaking pouring with rain (and is suspect COLD rain -the windows have fogged up) and I cannot find my gumboots. They're magically disappeared... probably under the million boxes in the laundry that someone was supposed to take to the dump in the weekend.

Anyway - how the hell are ya?

I'm about to get VERY wet. Have to go get the squealer from school.


Apart from that - I have seen my new cover. It's freaking AWESOME. I love it. LOVE it. It's so pretty in a bloody kinda way.
Absolutely drool worthy. I will share it soon.

I just got to the end of terrorbyte - and am now about to read it again and look for the things I missed or wanted to tweak but forgot.

I have given up trying to use the twice edited file from my editor - mainly because I was too far into the edits when I got the second pass edit file. And all the edits from lovely editor are the same color... so I dunno what's new and what isn't. I can't just merge the files because that ends up a soupy rainbow mess and makes me wanna kill people.
In the interest of my sanity I've closed that new file and will NOT compare it to MY version - not even manually. It kills my head to try go line by line doing a manual comparison.
If there was anything important that wasn't discussed in email or the first pass- it will show up in the next round.

I hope.

I really hope.


Phil said...

The important stuff always gets picked up the next time around. Like finding out that the proper name (!) for Gumboots are Wellingtons...

Though I'm not inclined to argue with a woman who gets excited the bloodier it gets!

Cat Connor said...

I guess Wellingtons makes sense - considering I live in Wellington. ha ha ha.

(well close to Wellington anyway)

But I prefer gumboots... now I need to find a youtube clip for your listening pleasure that explains gumboots.

I see you...

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