Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hiding the interview link in the title: sneaky huh?

It's Wednesday morning and I shan't be here to blog later or tomorrow. So I thought I'd write one now then fuckoffski and leave you all to it.

Today is exceptionally busy - everyone has a half day to get organised for the trip to Christchurch tonight.
I need to take Breezy on a LONG walk (which will cut about two hours out of the day) -she's been couped up for five days and is driving me crazy. This manifested at midnight and continued until 2:30 am - at which point daddy took her downstairs for a little chat about how we sleep at night and how she was going to go back to bed and be QUIET. She then fell asleep and didn't wake until 7 am.

Children need to be cleaned! God knows that's not a quick nor simple thing. Especially with the one who gets sidetracked by counting things and doesn't see the need to use soap every day -or why hair needs washing properly, or even brushing!
I need to get myself clean - and wash my hair - which means drying my hair! (That takes about 45 minutes) The thing is during those 45 minutes Squealer will forget what she was supposed to be doing and do something completely irrelevant. - she will become sucked into something, usually her own mind. Although she has taken her medication - so maybe she'll actually follow the instructions I'm about to write down. :-) I live in hope.

I managed to remember to order ink for the Pixma printer. Yay. So this morning I printed the backs of a bunch of killerbyte postcards. I'm traveling from airport to airport - I see promotional opportunities. Chris is slightly perturbed at the thought of me handing out promotional material at the funeral. I'll do it anyway, as to be expected. Of course as were in NZ the URL on the postcards are killerbyte: mobipocket. No sense putting the kindle link on for kiwis.

I really need to get some blurb type things written for terrorbyte and pop that on the bottom of the bigger cards. Coming soon:

I had hoped to have more time between Friday and now - ha. As if!! Funeral's don't allow much time for getting organised.

I did however managed to get through the edits in terrorbyte which is fabulous. I have sent the ms back to my editor and hopefully she'll like what I've done.
I have to confess to not being entirely sure if I got everything or not. Mostly because everything came through at once and there was repetitive stuff in emails and stuff I'd already done was mentioned again in the manuscript- and that served to annoy me somewhat. Okay it annoyed me a lot, because I couldn't follow the new changes... apparently I'm not over that yet! lol

So anyway - I hope it's okay. I haven't read the entire ms through since the edits were finished. I've been so immersed in it that I can't see the wood for the trees and am hoping my editor has fresh eyes.

A few other things have encroached on my 'getting on with terrorbyte time' that have served to either make me appear disinterested or bitchy. I'm neither. BUT when I'm fully immersed in edit mode of one story I can't pull out of it and answer questions regarding characters behavior in the future or listen to plot descriptions of another -sort of related- story. If I let things like that pull me out, then it takes me a while (a week or more sometimes) to get back into Ellie's head and finish what I WAS DOING.
And if I don't get this done -then any future stories are mute anyway!

So having someone hammering me with plot ideas is not good - just let me get on with my work and get through this so I can start writing again.
Meanwhile my thoughts have now moved to Exacabyte - I didn't want them too, not yet. But some changes made in terrorbyte have started the ball rolling and I know I'm going to open the Exacabyte file in a few days and tweak relevant scenes... but I don't want too. Because we're not done with terrorbyte yet.
Damn you mind!! Can't you just stick to terrorbyte without jumping to the next book??

Right I'm off to get on with this busy day and take a long walk with a cute child.... to get some phenergan as a preemptive strike! It doubles as antihistimine (NEEDED in Christchurch), sedative, and prevents motion sickness - should cover all bases!

Take care out there...

Cat x


Phil said...

Opening "the Exacabyte file"... sounds like something one of your characters would do?! I still think there may be more than one of you, you seem to get so much done!

Cat Connor said...

it really does sound like something one of my characters would do.

I don't feel like I get much done at all some days... most days lately!!

Just back from 24 hrs in Christchurch. So nice to be home. :-)

Janna Qualman said...

Thanks for stopping by Something She Wrote! And good luck with your debut. :)

As a side note, I see beneath my comment box here that you used the word "fantabulous." I like that one. And my favorite of late is "redonkulous." It's just plain fun to say.

Cat Connor said...

Even more fun to say when you've had a few glasses of red wine... :-)

JStantonChandler said...

Happy to have found you! I popped over from Sara in Vermont's blog :)


Cat Connor said...

Thanks for popping in! (Sara's one of my fav people, EVER)

I see you...

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