Saturday, August 1, 2009

Here's to the good times...

My eyes are burning in my skull. Nice.
Think I might be a little tired, it's been one of those weeks.
But it ended well.

Last night Kane and I cracked open a bottle of Dolcetto & Syrah - it was going to be a bottle of Obikwa -but I poured him a glass of Dolcetto (already had an open bottle) and got him hooked. It ruins you for all other red wines... it really does.

A few glasses of wine and a couple of interesting discussions followed. Was a good night. Time disappeared, as it does when we get together.

So anyway we were talking about killerbyte and terrorbyte, and the ideas that spawned via someone's misguided comment regarding chapter titles. While I write this I'm trying to remember if I have a sheet anywhere with the killerbyte chapters listed... I think I do. (other than the actual playlist) It doesn't really matter anyway - cos the idea that hatched in my little head is to do with terrorbyte.
And that's all I'm going to say about that for now.

All in all -a damn fine night.

It seems like an exceptionally busy week - which it really was.

I pushed through the final edits of terrorbyte (first and second passes) to be able to send the ms back to my editor.

Flew to Christchurch Wednesday night, typically the plane was late leaving. We discovered that air hostesses (is that what they're still called???) were a tad grumpy. Okay VERY grumpy. Wouldn't have killed them to smile -the once! The boy wonder commented (very quietly to me) that he thought they were supposed to be pretty - he then considered they probably were, back in the sixties. I think he might have been right. They might have also left their smiles back in the freaking sixties... we pay a fortune to fly down for a day - the least we could get is a SMILE.
Anyway we got to Christchurch VERY late for the kids. To their credit they did really well. It was four hours past Breezy's bedtime before we even got to the hotel.

Thursday was sunny and warm. (not bad for mid winter in the south) we ate breakfast at the hotel - then went for a walk in Hagley park with cousin Stuart and Lorraine. Very pleasant. Breezy bounced around like a loony and burned off a lot of surplus energy.
Then it was off to tidy up and get to the funeral. (Nana never liked tardiness... so it was best to be on time -)
Breezy coped well with the singing (dreadful) and the service (very nice) and the relics, old friends, and more vibrant family members. - she did ask "When Nana was coming out of the box?" and fair enough too. Seemed crazy to have the minister talking to her and such while she was in a freaking box!
We went over and knocked on the lid - while 'placing flowers' on the casket - giving her one last chance to escape... but she appeared happy where she was. (Whew - could've been a nasty scene if she'd knocked back)

Then it was nibbles and cups of tea at the wake... then it was the real thing back at the hotel bar. Much more like it. Sitting out in the sun with friends and family - drinking... taking pics. Listening as various family etc discussed how clever I was... no really, that part was truly hysterical.
If only they knew that I keep waiting to wake up and discover I can't write and the whole last 6 months has been a wonderful dream.
We finally made it back to the airport and home - this time the air hostess person was all smiles and very friendly. Ah the joy!

We arrived in Wellington one item short - having left CHCH with two pieces of luggage we were slightly perturbed to discover only one came home with us. Luckily it was the one with Squealers meds in it... BUT the car seat for Breezy was missing. Without that we couldn't get home, as she legally is required to be in a child restraint!
We were loaned one by Air NZ. Ours arrived home latish Friday night and was courier out. No clue where it went - but Squealer is adamant she saw the bag loaded and car seat taken off somewhere else while we were waiting to board in CHCH. I think she's right. We weren't surprised it didn't make it to Wgtn with us really. Home late again... this time Breezy was just starting to lose the plot.
Poor kid.

Friday - no one woke up until after 8:30 in the morning. By the time we'd lurked about and done very little it was a mad panic to get ready and head to Lower Hutt hospital for Squealers therapy session. We made it with seconds to spare!

So - yes a busy week. I'm glad it's over.

Today has been rather quiet - I may or may not be feeling the effects of quite a bit of very nice red wine over the course of two days...

Oh and Ellie has a twitter page as does Mac... Mac is a person in his own right -by day he doubles as my trusty neighbor guy - but it'd be difficult to find someone more like Mac -without digging up the dead! You'll find him here.
And Ellie here

It's a different account to the one Ellie used to have -simply because I lost the password with the computer changes... and twitter can't seem to organize themselves to send me a new one -despite several requests.
Feel free to add them and twitter away - presuming you don't find it odd talking to fictional characters. (and why would you? It's perfectly normal)

Now I'm off to do something amazing - yes I am ... and no I'm not sharing yet.


joandelahaye said...

Glad you made it through the funeral and the hectic week in one piece. Hope your weekends far more relaxed.

Cat Connor said...

So far so good!! Not doing much except lazing about really. And quietly eating my way through a box of liqueur chocolates - the dark choc variety.

I see you...

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