Thursday, July 16, 2009

A busy week at the bottom of the world

It's mid afternoon Thursday.

This week has been horrendously busy yet I feel like nothing's got done. Tuesday the girls and I were in Lower Hutt - in search of slippers for Breezy (who is growing like a weed). That takes a fair chunk out of the day. (Most of the day actually) Then I worked late trying to finish a particular scene in Terrorbyte. (that needed expounding upon)

Yesterday we had to go get Squealers script from Silverstream. It's quite the walk. We left here just after 1 and arrived back home at 4:30. Goodbye day!

Today - we left home at 9 to go see Bex and the boys. I baby sat while she went off to an appointment. When she got back I cut her hair. It was most satisfying as prior to me taking the scissors to it, her hair came down past her butt.

Must be something in the air regarding hair and cutting. I cut the boy-wonders hair yesterday. (he was most delighted with the result - apparently I'm not bad with a pair of scissors) And best-friend-of-all-time chopped her own hair off!!
I won't be following suit. I HATE having my hair cut, and the most I will allow is my fringe (bangs) to be trimmed. Which I think I did recently but there seems to be hair in my eyes again -so maybe I forgot?

Breezy is now having a screaming fit in the hallway. Dum dee do. She will learn - but it might take a while, Do not EVER throw things at me!
I have a feeling this bout of utter bullshit behavior is something to do with the eating of Twisties. Which we very RARELY have. I doubt she will ever be allowed them again. Ain't no way the orange coloring in Twisties is natural.

She seems to be winding down now. Good!

Ah my Breezy is back and sorry. It's a good sign that she understood what she did and why it's naughty. She's n ow sitting down with a manderin, apple slices and a banana. let's hope the fruit counteracts the Twisties she ate earlier!!

Have Beef Strogonoff in the oven for dinner - mmm - yummy. And fresh crusty rolls to go with it. I think it will all go rather nicely with a nice glass of red wine. Might go for a Merlot.

Hoping to work tonight- I can see some late nights in my near future.

I heard something really nice today from my publisher. This : "We think you have a big future and intend doing everything in our power to help you get there."
How fucn cool is that?
Yeah, that's what I thought too.

So work - here I come. I'm actually looking forward to finishing the edits for Terrorbyte because I would really like to get stuck into Satellite and Torrent again. (Before I find myself polishing Exacabyte and Ethernet!!)

I'm outta here ... take care!


Lee said...

junk foor makes kids crazy

Lee said...

foor should be food.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Don't you just love non-productive days like that?

L. Diane Wolfe

Cat Connor said...

It really does Lee, and it was SO obvious what caused her rotten behavior because she doesn't usually have highly colored junk food - and is normally the sweetest little person out!

Diane: Feels like a non-productive two-week stretch! Which it pretty much has been, what with winter holidays an' all. Looking forward to school going back on Monday! :-)

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