Saturday, June 20, 2009

So where did I put them?

After spending a few days thinking about particular scenes in the new book I decided to haul out my research notes and add some more fabulously juicy information.
I can find all the hand written notes I made while on the phone to a friend who was looking up the stuff I needed on a medical site (that regular people can't access) but can't locate the printed version. (He dropped off a few days later) I'm sure the screeds of paper should be with the other research but no! I found all the ketamine (if you've read killerbyte -you'll know why I needed that), and then heaps of abdominal trauma, penetrating chest trauma, and abdominal gunshot wound information.
It's pretty cool stuff about how the injuries are managed in an emergency room. The need for that will become apparent at a later date. :-) Trust me you'll enjoy it.
Still despite the abundance of juicy research I've miss placed all my chlorine info!

But never mind: I think the piece of information I need was uncovered on a HazMat web site anyway.

I think the person responsible for the car accident intended the car to explode but it didn't. They very rarely do in a crash situation. Or maybe she just hoped it would. Really to make sure she should've tossed a Zippo into it. And that gave me another idea. Ohh it's good. So now I want to scoot through this at the rate of knots and go write!

And back in the living room - it looks like a bomb hit! To be honest most of the house looks like that at the moment. Comes from having a house full of sick people for what feels like weeks!! (Might actually be WEEKS) I can barely keep up with the extra laundry let alone regular housework.
Wouldn't mind so much if I'd been having so much fun I didn't have time for housework (a state I aspire too!)... but it's been far from fun here lately.

Small rant about to happen: You've been warned!!

Seems Breezy wants a bath (good idea) - so I sent her upstairs (with older sister) to get daddy to run it for her... and he apparently said no! If I find out that's because he's playing that fuc'n stupid online game (WoW) I shall cause him harm!!

Ha, strange - I now hear the bath running.

Okay here it is and remember you were warned!

Seems the ten year old child who was sent with the 3 yr old - got yet another message wrong, imagine that! God she annoys me at times. It's not that hard, just TELL people what was actually said. Instead of adding her own spin to it all the freaking time. Yes I know she's special but there are times when the whole special thing just pisses me off.

Have just given her a note and sent her to tidy her room. Hopefully she'll follow the list and do it ALL. No good telling her what to do - everything has to be DETAILED and for long instructions, in writing. It's not like I can say to her "wash your face" nope.. I have to say "Use a facecloth, warm water and soap... WET the cloth and squeeze it out and wash your entire face." If I don't... she uses an almost damp spot of a facecloth and NO soap... and barely touches her face.
I used to have a list of morning and night things in the bathroom - but that only works for about three days. Seems that if the list isn't placed IN her hand EVERY TIME. She reverts back to doing nothing.

Okay -thanks for listening. I'm over it. :-)

Now off to add some detail to this most wonderful scene. (It's wonderful in a sick twisted terrorist type way)

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