Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday and Pizza bread

Monday started around two this morning for me: Breezy woke coughing and within a few minutes was in our bed - doing the same.
I actually think she would've been better to stay in her room, which is heated and warm to help prevent the Squealer having croup and asthma attacks on COLD nights.
Breezy being three didn't think any such thing - she wanted mummy to snuggle her up. Great!

There went any hope of sleep for me. She wriggled and jiggled, and coughed, and talked. I could've over looked everything but the non-stop talking. ;-)
At about four she announced it was morning time and by five was asleep.

I think I'll be a little tired later today.

She's tired now... not wanting a repeat of last night I walked up to the chemist after dropping Squealer at school this morning. (It's maybe 3 km.) Breezy required carrying some of the way. Good thing I'm used to carrying her tall, 22 kg self around. I got some Tixylix, which is a Pharmacy only medicine and requires filling in of the drug book. They know me, they know my kids, so luckily it didn't require a lecture on the use of the cough syrup! While there I remembered to get my migraine meds. Yay me! (also pharmacy only and requires filling in the drug book) AND I remembered post bags!
Now to fill them!! And post present to Jo jo and also present to Cheri in WA.

Breezy managed to walk all the way home. I think she received an energy boost by the little cheesecake I got her at the bakery.

Squealer was late for school this morning. Hardly surprising really. I wasn't entirely sure she should go, but took her anyway. I've asked her teacher to remind the child NOT to go running around like a lunatic. She's still sick and will cough up a lung if she does, especially in this cold weather. We're at the point where if she doesn't go to school now, she'll be home all winter! Sick she is, but she's going to miss too much school and that's not good. She's not contagious and spreading horrible , so I suppose that's something.
And quite honestly I need a break - so school it is.

Last night before Squealers bedtime I gathered the names of those who entered the competition to win a copy of killerbyte. I enjoyed it. Was good fun. I love giving stuff away.
I wrote them all on pieces of paper and let Squealer draw the winner. Turned out to be Winners. She said there can't just be one. As it was her bed-time and I wasn't about to cause a melt-down over it! So two it was.

Hopefully they've received their emails and pdf versions by now and will LOVE killerbyte!

I suppose I should get moving and clean! Or at least make the girls beds and throw some laundry in the washer...

I MUST WRITE THIS SHORT STORY TODAY. If you see me on twitter or facebook or Myspace, a gentle reminder (kick up the backside) to get back to work wouldn't go amiss!

Oh while I'm still here... Anyone know anything about audio books?

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