Saturday, June 13, 2009

killerbyte review and the weekend begins.

Morning world!

This morning I found a review of killerbyte in my inbox. It was one solicited by my publisher.

Here it is.

After a few thick moments (okay nearly an hour) and even an email from my editor wondering the same thing... I think where the reviewer says 'while sense' she meant 'whole sense'.
Which makes sense.

Luckily she liked killerbyte regardless!

And for those that are curious - killerbyte has fought it's way back from 24th on the mobipocket list to 17th. It's been jumping back and forth between 19 and 17 a fair bit and did a few days in the twenties... was dreadfully frightening!

Meanwhile it's Saturday - it's also Grocery day. (Yes BIG milk, for those that know me well)

Joshy is at work - the girls must accompany us... oh dear god! I'm still clutching the remnants of yesterdays migraine and so looking forward to the Stupidmarket.

Yup, can't wait! Haven't even written my list yet - ugh!

We have five guests for dinner this evening. Which I am looking forward too. Should be a fun night. (Note to self: Need more Merlot or maybe Shiraz, the migraine demands it!)
Maybe some more Mersyndol would be in order too.

Now I have to go make breakfast and hurriedly scribble a grocery list... some idea as to what I'm making for dinner would be helpful before I get to the stupidmarket.

Hope you all have an awesome day.
Don't be shy, let me know what plans you have for the weekend...

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