Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Keep the Faith!

Honestly it's to Keep the Faith than it is to keep the fuc'n CD! I was looking at the CD's I keep on my desk (all Bon Jovi, because that's what inspires me when I write) and Keep the Faith is missing AGAIN.
I only just replaced that CD a few weeks ago!!! What is it with that album? Why can't I keep hold of it??

Moving right along... it'll turn up. (Having a little faith)

Most of you know I've been working on a short story for the last week or so. Admittedly there was precious little actual writing going on until the last few days. BUT while I was procrastinating the story was percolating in my head. Unusually it has no title. That's is quite odd for me. I'm pretty good at giving my work (even WIP's) titles. - If you saw the ammount of stuff on my hard drive you'd know why!

It's now 18 pages long. Not finished. The 5k word count maximum is a distant memory. It could be that the plot is simply too big to be a short story. (novella maybe?) It could be that I've waffled on and it's utterly trimable bullshit. I got a feeling its not the last one. Thank god! I actually like the story. It's rather fun - I think we struck upon the problem... it is fun. It's early Ellie Conway. It's before Mac.

I'm not entirely convinced that this is the short story for the competition.

Time is running out and yet I want to follow this one to it's conclusion, regardless.

It's noisy out tonight. Slamming doors, people noise, cars, no clue why. Seems a strange night for it to be so busy and loud. It's Wednesday night. What is there to be noisy about?

I've also been reading a book by Rosemary Dew. The book is called No backup. And it is very hard to put down.

Am listening to Breezy coughing. She's already thrown up in our bed. Looks like Chris will be sleeping in the girls room again so Breezy can stay with me in our bed!

I'm off to go check on her.

Take care xx


Hagelrat said...

perhaps the music fairies want you tlo switch to Belle & Sebastian.

Cat Connor said...

Can't see it myself :-) but who knows what music fairies have in mind!!

Hagelrat said...

lol, the music fairies have no minds, let alone anything on them .They just like to mess with playlists. I blame them for things that randomly vanish off my Ipod. I also blame them for Radio 2.

Cat Connor said...

So it would be them that make my music play in reverse order! It's so annoying! LOL

I see you...

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