Sunday, June 7, 2009

The joy of tweets!

This was the first tweet I saw on my list this morning "SaraJHenry@catconnor KILLERBYTE is #15 on the Mobipocket thriller list - BETWEEN TWO LEE CHILD NOVELS!!! How can you complain!?!? :-)"

What a way to start the day ... laughing. Because Sara is right! How can I complain? Admittedly I liked it better when I was number 7 on that list and it was really exciting when I hit number ten to start with.
But still #15 on a list that contains 1700+ thriller novels and names like Lee Child, Dan Brown, Tom Clancy, James Rollins, Michael Crichton, Greg Iles etc, is not to be sneezed at. Especially when killerbyte is on it and has been holding its own since the release on April 10th. And even more amazingly - killerbyte is the only debut novel that made it to the top ten, in the last 8 weeks.
And (but wait there's more) I'm over here in Upper Hutt!!
(yes it is as exciting as it sounds, and there is also a Lower Hutt - both are built along the Hutt River. It's New Zealand, it's how we are!)
I haven't yet perused the entire list to see if I can locate another kiwi! Maybe I should. (If you are a kiwi writer and have a book released in mobipocket format please contact me and let me know!!)
But for now let's say I'm doing pretty good for a debut kiwi author. and it's pretty freaking cool seeing my book up there with the big boys (and girls, Elizabeth George was there with me for a bit!).

Last night was Saturday. Thrilling... not.

I started watching Batman with the boy wonder, but grew bored quickly. We discussed Universities and such for a bit, then I headed to bed with my notebook. My intention was to work on this freaking short story.

Which I did.

I re-wrote it.

It's completely different.

Hopefully it's better.

After giving it much thought I found myself back at my original thought. I wanted it to be a back-story story and I wanted it to have a few of the characters that pop up in future Conway novels. I think I achieved that last night.

Although I left my notebook upstairs and have yet to read the pages of scrawl I wrote! It should work better than the story I was playing with all last week.
That was going nowhere, the antagonist was too weak psychologically and physically repulsive, and I simply disliked him so much I couldn't find a redeeming thing to use or the will to write more than a bullet hitting his fat head. Sometimes characters unwittingly take on the appearance and mannerisms of those we know or have known - and quite frankly that one needed culling!!

I just checked the mobipocket list, to check the spelling of Crichton. I have to report killerbyte is #20. TWENTY.

I'm having trouble getting my head around that, despite how very good I know that still is!!!


Sara J. Henry said...

Realize that your book also costs more than many of the books on the list - any chance of your publisher dropping the price? Or does that happen when it's older? With only two exceptions (the new Lee Child and THE LAST ORACLE, even at a reasonable $13.95 yours is the most expensive book in that top 20. (That's gotta be some comfort!)

Cat Connor said...

I can but ask!

Chances are the other books are also available in print, where mine is not. So they'll be generating sales elsewhere and can probably afford to list at a lower price for an e-book.

Was told by someone here that it's Euros too, which made it cheaper for kiwis to buy than US $ not sure what the exchange rate is now. And I don't know if that's the same everywhere or just here in NZ!

I see you...

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