Friday, June 5, 2009

It's Friday! YAY

It occurred to me a few minutes ago that it really is Friday. Friday afternoon to be more accurate. Which is bloody marvelous really. I'm quite over this week. It started badly with an attempt to cause trouble from the sidelines and pretty much had nowhere to go but up from there.

Luckily it is Friday!

I'm half way through a killer short story. It's been a little too much fun to write, and I'm biding my time finishing it... for two reasons really. The first being, I've not been in a writing mood this week. (See above for the reason) Secondly, I want to savor the moment and not rush the demise, I mean ending... yes that's what I mean.

I made pikelets for the girls for lunch today. They're known as telescopes in our house, because for some inexplicable reason I walked into the living room a few years ago and announced to assembled family that I was going to make telescopes for afternoon tea. To this day none of us know why I said that, and hence forth pikelets became telescopes... but the truly crazy thing is they ALL knew what I meant!
Proving my domestic goddess status yet again - with telescopes for lunch and a beautifully clean, tidy, warm home. I suspect there will be some sort of delicious chicken casserole for dinner. I'll just get right to that. (right after I fold the laundry and iron... okay that was pushing it! I don't iron, unless it's a transfer that requires ironing onto something, or fabric paint that needs to be heat fixed -then I iron!)

Michelle and Marek are coming over tomorrow for dinner. I shall of course whip up something suitably vegetarian and a fab pudding to go with it. Michelle has recently returned from son-the-elders in London and brings gifts from him. The girls are excited!

At this point I could slide in a little something about how 16 is way worse than 15 and I'm about to curl up into a little ball and admit defeat... but I aren't, so I won't. I will work harder and sell more books. *Shakes fist*

Sara did point out that someone else needs to approach newspapers on my behalf... somewhat of an impossibility...

I happened on an idea, but can't quite see how to work the angle at this point. No doubt it will come to me. It's all to do with the South African/New Zealand connection and how the nations have rebuilt a relationship once soured by apartheid and now stronger than ever.

Every time I think about rugby I think about the 1998 Tri-nations. For good reasons, the Springbok team was particularly good looking that year! Ever seen the Springbok up close? Just so happened that we managed such a thing prior to and then after the Wellington game.
You haven't lived until you share an elevator with five very happy Springbok! Was hilarious.

All good fun.

Right reminiscing over - there is an idea there. It needs work but it's there.

Now Miss Breezy would like to play in the kitchen sink with her Polly Pocket. Which is not very well concealed code for making a big watery mess all over the kitchen floor. Oh well, it could do with another wash.

Crikey I have a headache. Not helped by all the "Wee, boink, weeeee, boink." noises coming from the child. She does nothing quietly, unless its something she shouldn't be doing!

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday - rest of Thursday - depending on whether you are in the slow half of the world or not!

Take care out there.

Cat x


Sara J. Henry said...

You don't have any eager writer friends who would love to have a newspaper feature credit? Cripes, am I gonna have to interview you from halfway around the world and try to submit it?!? Most newspapers, particularly not huge ones, LOVE to get feature articles for free. At least here in the States.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Sometimes I forget the time difference - it's just now Friday morning here!

And we have a dish now entitled "Aliens" thanks to one of our foster daughters. It's lasagna rolls with spinach and veggie cream cheese, covered in sauce, and the first time my husband served it, Ashley commented that they looked like little aliens.
They've been "Aliens" ever since!

L. Diane Wolfe

Cat Connor said...

Sara - I have TWO friends who write here in NZ. One I don't want to bother at the moment, he's been amazingly supportive but his wife is sick. The other, still finding his feet. I guess there are technically three, a dear friend who was a journalist now a translator and lives in Germany, been here for three weeks and is so busy I have yet to see him... tomorrow he may appear!!
Interview me Sara! ;-)

Diane - Good to know we're not the only family with unusual names for food! I love the sound of the Aliens.
I made a family cookbook a few years ago, and gave it out at Christmas. It's full of odd names for things and who likes what!

I see you...

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