Thursday, June 18, 2009

Industrious days

Despite the best efforts of the children yesterday I made myself write. I wrote a lot more than I realised which probably accounted for the brain dead evening.
Surprisingly it wasn't the shiny new story grabbing my attention and words, but Satellite. Which I've been working away at for sometime now. (It gets shuffled sideways often - between Feb and April it was to allow me time to work with my super duper editor on killerbyte, then most recently I tidied up (did some re-writes) within terrorbyte before sending that off to my publisher and super duper editor. - crossing fingers and hoping they love it!

I can't give much away regarding Satellite and it's plot. I thought about it for quite sometime last night (while brain dead, so maybe today I can come up with something! I was trying to figure out if I can share ANY of this WIP without giving away the end of terrorbyte. Oh my - I fear I've said too much.

Of course the two of you who have read terrorbyte know what I'm referring too. (crikey aren't we the elite! Yes my eyes are rolling... it makes it very hard to see the screen)

Where was I? Ah, yes, full of the joys of having written for the first time all week! I could probably be less thrilled with myself later as I have yet to read the scene. Still it feels like quite an accomplishment especially early on a cold Thursday morning while I eat my Vogel's toast dripping with butter and smeared with a thin coating of Vegemite.

Sara mentioned yesterday that my Youtube trailer doesn't mention Amazon. She's right, it didn't. It's now been corrected. I have been quite remiss at sharing the Amazon link for killerbyte. Mostly because it's the kindle version and who the hell can afford a kindle? (especially in New Zealand where the exchange rate makes a kindle e-book reader almost the same price as a laptop!! Between needing a new laptop and wanting a kindle - I'm going to have to sell a truck load of books! Just trying to envisage a truck load of e-books, that's a LOT of books.)
I don't have the link in my email signature! I suspect I'd better do something about that too -before it's noticed!!

Maybe I'll send a bulletin, or Ellie will with both links.

We'll see how much time I have today. I've got a tad more time this week, with the Squealer not being at school... technically that gives me more time. I don't have the hour and a bit of walking cutting into my day. I REALLY miss my walk!!! I think Breezy does too, but after cleaning up the result of her running from the letter box to the house last night. I can wait on the walk and so can she.

How come I'm sitting here with Yo Yabba Yabba annoying me from the TV and there are no children in the room?
Switched to the news and MySpace slashes staff is a headline.
That doesn't sound good!
I love MySpace. I really do. Always have - well, not always... in the beginning it was slow and clunky and well rubbish really. But it picked up and it's a great place to hang out. I prefer it over Facebook and bebo and twitter. It's all warm and pretty and comfy. What's more I've made some very good friends there and most of them don't do Facebook or twitter or anything else but Myspace.
Let's hope MySpace hangs in there.

I hear my trusty neighbor starting his truck - he should get my 'have a nice day' text before he gets to the end of the street. Marvelous stalking on my part. (Cept he hasn't gone yet and is sitting in his truck replying, ha ha ha - and what do ya know -my phone just went!)

On that note... and after opening the curtains and revealing a drippy yuck day I'm off to have a shower. (I'm sure that was need-to-know info)

Have a nice day.

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