Friday, June 26, 2009

I got it going on.

As promised I have some news to share.

As far as news goes this is way up there... with a squeal factor of ten.

Yes that's right, I have the contract in my hot little hand.

Those of you who loved Ellie Conway in killerbyte will be able to go with her on her next adventure in Terrorbyte.

But wait there's more...

killerbyte was reviewed by book wenches... although I've yet to read it, as the site was down when I tried earlier.
Edited to add: I have read the review.. and there were almost tears of joy. I can't describe how awesome it is.

I will be interviewed over at Miscellaneous Yammering next week. (The 30th and yes I will post another link then)

There will alo be a video interview shortly. (oh god no!) And again I will post the link when it's up.

I have to get back to work... edits don't fix themselves (yes, I know, that's shocking and I'm very sorry if you weren't ready for that bubble to burst).

I also need to start hounding my husband regarding a new trailer... oh my that will be fun. He's learned much since our first attempt.

Be good y'all.


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Thank you! :-)
We so rock!

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