Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hugging small children and the desire to knit?

I've been over at Bex place, well, hugging small children. It's rather fun. I do enjoy the time spent playing on the floor with the kids. Even better when it's not here and I don't feel the tug of work or the guilt over work.

**Matua sought me out the other day to tell me something about Deaglan. I've known Matua Wilson for more years than I care to say. Ya see, Dex is in the Kapa Haka group but more than that, he was chosen to learn the haka with Matua, only a handful of student recieve this honor.

So it thrills me that Deaglan is learning from Matua and doing so well and that Matua is so excited to be teaching him. What's more Matua taught Deaglan's mother and Uncle too and talks to Deaglan about them when they were kids and in his class.

It doesn't happen often in life any more, that a teacher gets to know and teach two generations in the one family. This is something to treasure.

So far so good for a Sunday!

Except now I want to knit. I hardly ever knit now - it's easier to sew! Plus my hands don't so much enjoy holding knitting needles these days. I'm sure it was just playing with the boys on the floor that made me think of knitting - winter, knitted sweaters... all kinda flows.

I left the girls at Bex this afternoon so I could come home and work. (They'll stuff themselves on birthday cake and lollies and come home happy.)
There were a few things that needed fixing in a manuscript. BUT. I can't open it. It's a weird assed .dat file not a .doc. Thought it looked a bit weird when I first saw it. I can't open it - and therefore am powerless to check the changes until the time zones shift to my favor.

Meanwhile - I could carry on with Terrorbyte edits. Which I may well do! Currently I have a nasty headache and don't feel much like using my brain for anything much. I'm almost done with the first pass edits - and now have to go back to the comments I left myself within the document - taken from emails from my lovely editor as she's mulled something over and fired it off to me for my thoughts.
These are things that require thought on my part - and sometimes a little play acting.
It's not uncommon for me to turn the house into a crime scene and do a walk through - or arrange things as I see them in a scene and be Ellie to see how she'd move or react in different situations.
No doubt my neighbors have giggled to themselves while I've been out the back or front yards working out a scene. Luckily these days at least one of them is okay with helping out and has no problem with my seemingly odd behavior! Body parts stuffed under a car in the driveway and pools of blood barely raise an eye brow around here.

It's rather chilly today - thought I'd mention it, cos it's 2 degrees. This so far is a VERY cold winter. And I believe the radio said earlier, "Reaching for a high of 2 degrees." So we're here... and I'm underwhelmed. I don't believe the weather is trying to improve. Perhaps some kind of weather bail-out? We'll let it off the hook and it can start over.

Instead of working - I shall get dinner started... and I really have to clean out the crock pot. I can't bring myself to lift the lid, I know it's going to be nasty. Ahh, I have a mask... that might be the way to go!!!
I hate when I forget about the crock pot for a few days (okay it could be a week - you wanna go there?...I didn't think so!).

Tonight's offerings will be cooked in the oven - imagine that! I think I had planned to do a HUGE roast tonight - but with all the birthday cake making and cupcake icing this morning I forgot to get the meat out. There is always tomorrow.

**I realize that many of you won't know what Matua means. We use it as a title and sign of respect for teachers who teach kapa haka. Sometimes followed by their surname ie: Matua Wilson, but using Matua alone is probably more common.

Now that you've learned something about New Zealand culture and I'm imagining you all trying to wrap your mouths around Maori words - yes it's amusing me...
On that note I shall go clean that crock pot...

e noho ra

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