Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Finding a name for the story...

I can hardly believe it myself but this new story (the one that was going to be a short but has WAY too much plot) still has no name.
I'm not even a hundred percent sure it really is a before killerbyte story. No doubt that will work itself out as I write... but it NEEDS a name.
We have killerbyte, terrorbyte, exacabyte, Ethernet, and I'm working on Satellite (slowly kinda, when the mood grabs me). Now, they all follow on from killerbyte. No problem there. This one seems to come before (let's go with that for now) - and nothing has leaped out to scream "I'm the title!" So far.

Because it's earlier and not a web-based or even remotely chat room orientated story, I can move away from the more connected titles. (whew, cos I was really pushing it with Exacabyte!)
Ethernet and Satellite make sense - the stories fit those titles perfectly.
I see that I tend toward single word titles. So will probably go that way for this one but that's not a given. :-)

Okay after some true geeking... I found two possibilities. The first is Torrent. For those less geeky, here's a definition. It works for me because you have streams coming from different locations but ultimately creating one file. (In this case a story)
Now the second idea is Nybble. (I'm letting my geek out!) Definition here.
Nybble appeals to me because it's half a byte.

I'm leaning toward Torrent.

It feels better to have a few ideas!

So far today I've done bugger all. Kids are still sick. Which means little sleep is had at night. I think I may be sick too. (Okay I am sick, but ignoring it)

I felt the need to have a rant but have moved it to a safe forum. So unless you belong to Backspace you miss out. I suppose I could've moved it to Back Stage with Jon Bon Jovi - that too is a protected forum... but they don't know me yet and may not quite get where I'm coming from.

It's cold. Very cold. Quite miserable in fact.

I feel rather crappy.

Must go to the Stupidmarket and spread germs... I mean get milk... tonight, and drop some stuff off to Bex. Think I have some books she hasn't read yet too. no doubt she'll enjoy that.

I really can't be bothered doing anything now. But I suspect I shall - dinner needs cooking. Breezy needs somethng in her stomach before bed, so she can cough herself sick all over the bed clothes again! (Twice)

Take care, you lot!

I think Torrent? Yeah?


Sara J. Henry said...

Oh, yeah, TORRENT rocks! Fantastic title.

So sorry kids are sick and I'm hoping you can fight it off - Mom is not allowed to get ill. Hang in there.

Cat Connor said...

Yep, TORRENT rocks! Sometimes it pays to work stuff out in a blog!

I am ignoring the building flu. Up at 5:30 to change Breezy's bed - at least she didn't cough herself sick until then! (and just the once last night, yay)

Going stir crazy here - need to be outside walking in fresh air. :-)

I see you...

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