Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cheesecake for breakfast..

Yesterday Breezy remembered she wanted me to make cheesecake - a week ago! I didn't make it, and as it happens it was a good thing, what with her being sick all week.
Yesterday- when she remebered and was obviously feeling better, I made the cheesecake. It could be described as 'best ever'. This is a lemon/lime cheesecake with dark and milk chocolate topping. Melted dark and milk choc beaten with cream and stirred through some reserved cheese mixture then spread over the cake.
The base is made with crushed malt biscuits. Perfect for breakfast - all that calcium and vitamin choc. :-) (can probably almost claim the lime and lemon juice has nutritional value -it is real!)

So anyway - I made it yesterday, Breezy knew I made it. She hasn't asked for any yet! No doubt come lunchtime she'll ask. As for me, well, I'm having cheesecake for breakfast. And might I just say... oh god it's good!!!

Last night I went to bed at 8:30. It was cold, there was nothing on TV (as usual), I couldn't be bothered working - and it was cold, kids were in bed, Chris was playing that GAME upstairs. Seemed stupid to heat the living area and sit there doing nothing. So I went to bed with three movies and the laptop.
I watched two: Destination Anywhere and then U571. I then proceeded to have the weirdest dreams ever!
These were seriously screwed up dreams. Hardly surprising really. I think the movies combined with the plot from Exacabyte. (Which is kinda like terrorbyte on steriods, and that description was of no help to any of you! - trust me all will become clear eventually.)

Some of what I dreamed was fueled by my loathing of ships. Which isn't quite right. I'm okay ON ships... I just cannot cope with being NEXT to one while it's either in dry-dock or tied to a wharf. I also will NOT go anywhere near lifeboats while on board a ship. I don't even like seeing them out a porthole. And you can forget any ideas of me visiting ship museums or wrecks. It ain't gonna happen - we tried visiting a partial wreck that's being restored.... I couldn't even get within 100 meters. The whole idea of it turns me cold.

Funnily enough I'm fine on the water (NOT in it!). I love being out in the Sounds any sized boat will do. As long as I never ever see a ship while out there! (I used to sail, the boats pictured here are Sunbursts - Dad and I had one years ago. I loved it!! Was good fun.)

Right moving on! The dreams were weird but I think I may have an idea for a scene fix due to them. Sometimes weird is good.

This morning we are meeting the boy-wonder before he starts work - he's putting his suit for this years ball on lay-by and wants me to have a look at it. It's silver apparently, but I suspect it to be more platinum. (I will let you know) I can't remember what type of shirt he chose. I know the dressmaker, who is making his girlfriends gown, is also making him a matching tie. (There is no way we were going to find a coral shirt to match the dress!!)
The little darling hoped I was going to help him pay for it, but seems to have forgotten he also needs a new ski-jacket (before the 28th) and goggles! There is a limit - and a reason why he works part-time. lol

Am looking forward to going out - feels like I've been stuck inside for a month - and I think it might be almost that.

Now I must away and shower - can't be going out in my jammies. I have seen a few people over the last year or so pop down to the local diary in jammies... I am not one of those people. Not now and not ever. (Okay it's more than a few, it seems to be a new trend and I find it ridiculous)
It's one thing to sit here working half the day in jammies - but to go out? I don't think so. That smacks of incredible laziness.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.
Don't be shy... tell me what you're doing this weekend...

*Oh and this is an odd fact: writing about Chlorine gas made my blog pop up quite high on a google search for info on chlorine gas. -I noticed it yesterday when I was trying to find some HazMat info. I think I need to work in a scene involving SCBA. Or at least mention the need for SCBA gear. It's just so cool. Especially the new HazMat gear we have over here now.

**One more thing, if you are at a loss this weekend and looking for something to do... go buy my book! Mobipocket or Amazon (unless you are in NZ then I'm afraid only Mobipocket will work- Amazon are geographically discriminating... and won't send kindle files to NZ or kindle can't access outside of America, whatever! Either way it won't work here so save yourself the annoyance and use the mobipocket link.)

Have a nice day. :-)


Phil said...

Cheesecake for breakfast is a great idea! And I have some in the fridge...

Cat Connor said...

Go for it Phil!
I increased the goodness in my chocolate cheesecake by adding whipped cream. (Chantilly cream at that! NO sense whipping cream if it doesn't have icing-sugar and vanilla in it!!)

Sara J. Henry said...

My SO Scott says he LOVES cheesecake (I'm ambivalent - but then yours sounds delicious) - so you have to come visit the States. And bring your recipe.

Cat Connor said...

Sounds like a plan!

I see you...

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