Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bon Jovi and Richard Dean Anderson

It's Sunday - traditionally I don't like 'em. They suck. For a variety of reasons Sunday's tend to bring out the worst in me.
Not today apparently.

Despite not writing at all today (this doesn't count) and doing precious little writing yesterday - today doesn't suck. I'm even having quite a nice time.
I've been dropping my friends pages on MySpace and that's always fun. I'm listening to Bon Jovi - and well, shit, that's always good. And I did something random that amused me. I left a message for Richard Dean Anderson. (I think you get to a certain age and things dropping a line to someone famous is just like emailing a friend. They're regular people just like us. There is no mystique.)
He was a topic of conversation at dinner last night. He's always a topic when Rose and I get together. (him and then NCIS - new series is about to start here! Neither of us can wait. Currently watching re-runs)

It feels so good it ought to be illegal.

So last night we had friends over for dinner. Rose (as you may have already guessed) and my friend Andrea with her three kids. The kids played and had a lovely time. We had a few glasses of wine and laughed a lot!
Next time Andrea comes over we are going to set her up a facebook page. She's feeling left out. Might make her a twitterer as well, and may as well do Myspace too! I can't believe she's not there already!

And the servants to paint the sky blue

It's almost dark. Not even five p.m. yet. After I've made dinner I will get the Breezy bathed and then settle in for a few hours of Ellie's world. I'd like to get some of this new story written. Figure out why the chemical formula for RDX turned up and what a missing kid from 16 years ago has to do with a missing woman now. I'm betting the reason it all seems to tie to Holly (Ellie's best friend) is interesting.
Gotta feeling this story will be explosive. :-)

Ain't nothing she can't rise above

This a little rough but it's the opening of whatever this new story is:

I settled into cruise mode and plugged my mp3 player into the car stereo. The dulcet tones of Grange lead singer Rowan Grange sent thrills of pleasure through my ears. As I contemplated how good their latest album was the phone rang.

I turned the music down and hit the hands free button on my phone.


“It’s Holly. You’re not in Rockbridge County are you?”

That was a peculiar question from my long time best friend. No one expected me back for a week or more. Yet here I was returning home early after wrapping up a truly crappy case in Richmond.

“I am. Heading toward Mauryville now.”

“Can you drop into the book store?”

“Sure. Any special reason?”

As hard as she seemed to be trying to keep her voice all regular and chit-chatty I knew her well and something was up.

“It’s probably nothing.” She sighed.

Sighing is never good, probably nothings were worse.


And no ones getting out of here alive

Seems the little Breezy is losing the plot! It must be bath time already. :-)

Save a hundred trees read an e-book. killerbyte is waiting for you!

I'd to thank Bon Jovi for providing the sound track for the afternoon, lol. Does anyone know what album, and which songs I listened to while writing this blog? :-)


Lee Pletzers said...

how about Earibyte

Cat Connor said...

Very clever. :-)

Think I have decided on Torrent. It was torrent or nybble - but torrent has more zing. lol

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