Monday, June 29, 2009

Amazon Author page

I have an Amazon author page , Amazon made it for me... here's the link (to easy to find by the way), You are supposed to be able to search for authors in amazon and the author page should become apparent... I couldn't and had to open a new browser copy the link from the business side of my author page and see if it worked for people other than me!
What a pain in the ass.

So what does one do with an author page?

No fucn idea!

Not a one!

Seems like it's yet ANOTHER thing to try and keep up with - and unless it has some kind of magical feature that pushes sales through the roof - I can't see a point to it. (yet)
I did note that one can have discussions - presumably with other people - although maybe just with ones self!
I'll let you know - no doubt I'll be fighting with myself in the discussion area shortly.

Okay I've been using this Google chrome shite for a wee while now... it's not working for me, the spell checker is rubbish and either not on, or not working the majority of the time, and when I turn it on, it seems to forget how to check spelling.
I'm about to can it and hope like hell the new Firefox build is BETTER than the last one. Which I ditched due to the slowness, crashing, and general pissing me off thing that it did so often!
It's best NOT to piss me off... and browsers are slow at learning.
You'd think my eye twitching for all it's worth would send a message to my pc to behave - before it meets the ground from a great height.

Apart from a day of general harassment at the keyboard of my computer, it's been a fairly quiet day.
Things that had to be done, got done.

The child with the specialness behaved quite well, considering. Yet another round of therapy on Wednesday - fun for her, dreadfully boring for me and Breezy. I shall pack better activities for us on Wednesday.

I finished the first pass edits on terrorbyte. Which was fun - tomorrow I'll go over it again with certain scenes in mind and have some fun with it.
I hear Ellie over my shoulder tonight, she's quite vocal at times... She's all full of herself at the moment and crowing about our awesome review from Bookwenches and also the cool review Tara wrote for Amazon.
Oh my I've got my first Amazon review! It's like I'm a real author now.

The last few days have felt all a bit disjointed and there is a HUGE surreality factor at play. I've yet to actually celebrate the sale of Terrorbyte, or the review, or the up-coming interview - not in true Connor style anyway.
It's all been a little too low key so far! -There were other things overshadowing the fun aspect, but they're now dealt with.

I think there will need to be a gathering of sorts in the weekend... I'm seeing a lot of red wine in my future and some fun had with friends.

Might be weekend after next - I shall make inquires and see who is available for a wee get together!

I'm away to my bed... there was a different brogue happening then - I really have to watch that, a neighbor already thinks I'm from Ireland. It's not my fault I'm susceptible to picking up accents! I cannot help it. I daren't tell anyone the date when it's the 3rd!
God almighty that'd be utter bollocks. Oh no, now I'm channeling a Father Ted episode.
Feck... arse!

I'm away to my bed before I start hunting for whiskey and playing Irish pub songs... my all time favorite is Gypsy Rover.


L. Diane Wolfe said...

I have an author page on Amazon and had to chuckle - yes, the discussion could likely be one-sided!
I used it to display my bio and list all of my titles. Don't know what else to do with it, either. Maybe if I wasn't already on twenty+ other social sites, blogs & websites...

L. Diane Wolfe

Sara J. Henry said...

OMG, I pick up accents, too. It's ridiculous.

I'm starting to think we're related somehow.

Congrats on the great reviews and interview! You rock!

Cat Connor said...

Diane: My page will look better once it has two books on it! Kinda naked right now.
Meanwhile I'll discuss something meaningful with myself?

Sara: We are uncovering a LOT of similarities! :-)

Phil said...

I use Chrome myself - I think it's a much simpler interface than IE or Firefox - but I agree the spell checker doesn't always seem to do its thing!

However, in answer to your first question, the purpose of the author page would appear to be to allow the author to model the very latest in t-shirt fashion! Where can I get me one of those?!

Cat Connor said...

Phil you are too kind! :-)

I really must get out the fabric paint and make some more tee shirts!

I see you...

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