Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why I love headphones...

When it comes to drowning out 'Roary the racing car', nothing works as well as headphones. They're pretty good at drowning out Hi-5 too. I have to crank the volume up for that tho. (Lost Highway is currently playing in my ears... so much better than the annoying bouncy Australians gallivanting across the television.)

But what is REALLY annoying - the phone ringing! Apparently I can still hear it and feel compelled to answer it. God knows why!

I do not enjoy early afternoon phone calls. It's when I'm trying to get things finished before picking the Squealer up from school.

I have discovered that working once she is home is rather ridiculous. Depending on how her day went, of course. But mostly - it's a waste of time and my precious nerves to try thinking/working with the Squealer around these days.
At the moment she's rather fragile -due to the stupidity/selfishness of some people.
She's not been eating at school, now her teacher checks her lunch box, three times during the day. This is the latest way she expresses her inability to cope with the stupidity going on around us all at the moment. I'm very tired of the selfish and vindictive bullshit that has had such a detrimental effect on her mental and physical well being.
This is just as difficult to deal with as her refusing medication - but more dangerous. She weighs a mere 2kg more than her 3 yr old sister. Not good for a ten yr old!!

It is time we got the fuck out of dodge. (I thought I'd done that once already! How is it Dodge keeps following me? Peculiar ain't it? )

As for writing: Terrorbyte could be done. Imagine that?

The very lovely Sara J. Henry read and copyedited for me this week. She really rocks!

You MUST go by Sara's blog and have a read. She got THE call!!! I swear I was just as excited as her. There was squealing and giggling. Having read her manuscript recently, I am not surprised at all! What a story! What a journey! I loved every second.
I can't wait until she's obsessing over her rankings. :)

I'm just waiting to hear from Lee Pletzers, in case there is something Sara and I missed... because shit happens! I'm hoping, not!

This afternoon I shall create a pdf (to prevent me tweaking it) and read tonight - just read. While trying to pretend I don't know the story and that I've never met these people before. (Might be a hard ask, lol)

I think I better get moving. There's a chicken that needs stuffing... (I hate doing that) and veges that require peeling (not fussed on that either).

Y'all take care.

killerbyte let's see if we can put killerbyte back at at least number 7!

This dropping to 8, is not working for me. Going to need to do way better than that to go to Caleb's wedding in the UK. :-)

Oh, turns out (after a reshuffle, few new chapters, etc etc) the chapter titles for terrorbyte are entirely Bon Jovi.

Bet I can't pull that off again. :-)


Lee said...

squealer's 10! I thought she was like 7 or 8.

I will get terorbyte done, half way though, been a bit occupied as you know. So far I haven't noticed anything, but then I've only read three other detective books. Although plot holes usually jump up at me. I'll be sure to tell ya.

Phil said...

I screen most of my calls nowadays. Unfortunately my mother knows this and carries on a conversation regardless. Usually along the lines of "Are you there....?"

Cat Connor said...

Lee, no rush! I know you're otherwise pre-occupied at the moment.
- dinner once Ami is up and around?

Phil, you're so lucky. :-)

Helen Ginger said...

Sounds like good news/bad news around your house. It's great that your writing is going so well. Not so great about Squealer. But, remember, kids grow up and they survive childhood. I hope things settle for her soon.

Straight From Hel

Cat Connor said...

Thanks Helen, it can be a little hard to imagine her grown up at times.


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