Thursday, May 21, 2009

plenty of time to sleep when I'm dead

It's true there will be, between haunting and freaking the fuck outta people - there will be time to sleep when I'm dead. Which is great because I seem to be running out of sleep time here.

I know I haven't been writing many blog, and Chrissy tells me any from Ellie don't count - well she's a fine one to talk about the lack of blogs! I'm seeing pots and kettles all over the place.

So anyway - tonight I go talk to a book club... which I spelled as book cub on Facebook, and it was noticed.

Am trying to keep an eye on the time this morning and keep forgetting what I need to be doing and when I need to leave! I blame nightmares and the whole giving a talk thing.
Before I do that though I need to go do something else, something that should mean I can open my blog/myspace page up again without any of this bullshit I've had to endure of late from those who like to make things up and cause trouble.

Have just tossed a bunch of stuff into the crock pot. Am hoping that by tonight it will produce a hearty beef stew thing. That would be handy and take some pressure off come dinner time, and me getting ready to go out and panicking all over the place.

Trusty neighbor, the very sensible Mac-alike-Kane, assures me it will go well and I will know exactly what to say. Can't not believe him really, he has this way of being right A LOT. Little bit of blind faith in myself might not hurt.

Over the last few weeks I have been slowly compiling a memory book - I can't go as far as to say scrap book, as they turn my gut. This book has all manner of things related to killerbyte. From my contract to the latest pics of the mobipocket list and where I am on it.
Photo's from the launch bbq, comments people made, and that kind of thing too.
Its kinda fun to add too.

Last night I wrote until midnight, working on a new scene inside Terrorbyte, I have almost finished the scene. Just a few kids to rescue (or not) to go. A couple of other things that bug me need tidying up and some more info on weapons grade chlorine needs adding, and then, maybe... I can hand it off to a reader or two. Well one in particular who I KNOW will find anything I've screwed up.
Then I'll feel okay about launching it toward my publishers desk for her opinion.

Of course I'd sooner be revising and writing now, not filling in time while waiting to head off into the freezing freaking cold!!

Am hoping the mail arrives before I leave... am expecting 'Keep the Faith' to be here this morning. woo hoo!!! I managed to lose my copy and had to get a new one, desperately!!

Seems Terrorbyte lends itself to Keep the Faith, with a good mix of 100,000,000 Bon Jovi fans can't be wrong and a little New Jersey.

Go with it - I've had too!

Play list for Terrorbyte is going to be almost exclusively Bon Jovi. Way less eclectic than killerbyte.

Tony and Elvis get their new playmate tomorrow. We've had to reschedule the drop off of the as-yet-unnamed gnome. Need to get batteries for Tony, he's flattened his! I can't say its a bad thing not having him glow creepily at me from beside my screen... but Elvis has new batteries and it feels like favoritism. I can't be tolerating that.

I had the pure joy of reading for Sara the other day. The tissue box was damn near empty by the time I finished reading! I laughed, I cried, I despised, I adored, and at the end was left feeling elated for having been on the journey.

Right that's about it for now. Wish me luck!


Sara J. Henry said...

Glad you liked it! And can't want to return the favor!

Cat Connor said...

I live in terror! :)

If I get a chance to work at all over the next few days, I may be able to send terrorbyte your way next week!!

Sara J. Henry said...

I am a very blunt critiquer, but I'm sure you don't expect any less. Me, I want to hear it ALL - I may disagree, but if a few readers tell me the same thing, then I realize they are right. I'm traveling tomorrow and my Saturday, home Sunday! Yay!

I see you...

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