Monday, May 11, 2009

My obsessive weekend... lol

Okay so it was pointed out to me by Sara J. Henry that I am obsessing over killerbyte ranking.

She's correct I am!

I can't help myself... I check where I am on the top ten every day! At the moment I'm playing footsie with Elizabeth George, James Rollins seems to have dropped off or moved up or something - either way, it's Elizabeth and I who are vying for tenth.

I shall endeavor to not look or mention it for at least twenty-four hours from now... or maybe from this morning (which wouldn't make it quite so long, LOL).

But I can assure you all, I am not buying my own book to boost my ranking! - there is no way I could afford to do that, even if I had an inkling to do so, which I don't!

As for the rest of the weekend - well that was pretty much it really... lol.

No it wasn't.

Well maybe.

Oh yeah, I, ummm, I'm sure I did something other than obsess over sales or lack of. Excuse me while I dredge up the memory of the weekend just past.

It's here somewhere, I know it is!

Yes, that's right... I got printer paper and a directors notebook for mothers day. I cooked dinner.
Went to bed early both days in the weekend, cos it was cold and I wanted to read 'The bodies left behind' by Jeffrey Deaver. Which I finished, and loved. As I would really. He writes a fabulously twisted story.

I also managed a migraine and a filthy temper on Saturday. No doubt the family enjoyed that. NOT.

Have looked everywhere to find a copy of Road House. It's been mostly unsuccessful. There is one of Trademe. But I was outbid on Friday, and as it doesn't close until tomorrow I shan't bid until then!

I have a desperate need to hear Bon Jovi's Lost Highway - but Breezy is watching something on the TV. I don't want to disturb her while she's actually watching something quietly.
May have to resort to headphones!

All in all, I'm pretty much obsessing over sales and not doing much else, except marketing and so forth.

I expect to be able to write at some stage this week, or at least revise... but we'll see. It's just not happening at the moment. Either external influences causing too much shit for me to be able to switch off and work or too much other stuff to do.

I need another me, I've needed one for awhile. Someone who can handle bulletins, emails, facebook, twitter, Myspace, Ellie, Mac, and the obsessing for me! LOL
As if that'll happen, I can't even get the simple things done unless I do them myself - (that's not true, not totally all by myself, my publisher is working very hard too! I heart her) - it feels like other stuff that I want done or would like done, gets ignored by those closest to me. (Way to go team!)

right back to my obsessing... I

Nope not work, and not obsessing... I have the opportunity to read a book by a friend from Backspace, I just started it before heading off to school to collect the squealer... yup we were nearly late! Tara if you're reading this. You freaking rock! Talk about an opening chapter that grabs and won't let go!

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