Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I thought it was about time Ellie came back for a chat

A wee while ago Ellie introduced herself over here, today she's back.

Hello my name is Ellie Conway, and I am addicted to the internet...

Or, hello my name is Special Agent Gabrielle Conway and I am addicted to the internet.

Choose which ever one you like... just don't call me Gabrielle. (SA, agent, Ellie, hey you, are all acceptable forms of address and I will on occasion answer to ma'am)

There are things about me that make me kinda odd, or maybe just give me an edge... yeah that's it, I'm edgy. Way better than being odd.

I may or may not share those things with you. Some of you will already know a fair amount about me from killerbyte.

What I really wanted to do was share with you the story of how I met Mac. But we'll see...

For now how about I tell you a few things about me and Mac and see how that goes...

Mac and me.

Recently I was asked about Mac, a lot about him, as it happens by someone who is interested in who he is and our relationship and Killerbyte.
What follows happened between nine and ten pm on August 29th. ha ha ha

This is how it went...

When and where did you meet?

In a chat room one Saturday night, a few years a go now. Is that sad or what?
It was a poetry chat room - we both wrote/write poetry. Mac's is infinitely superior to mine. We used poetry to cope with the darkness of humanity and hide from our respective realities.

How close were you before you met in person?

Exceptionally. We developed this weird sixth sense regarding one another - we sensed moods etc from long distances. I kinda liked him (I think he knew) and couldn't imagine going longer than a few days without him there chatting to me in messenger.
That led me to putting off our meeting in person, I was leary and more than a little scared that reality wouldn't measure up. It was two years of long conversations before we met...


What can I say, I was wrong! We met by accident in a coffee shop in Richmond,VA. Both a fair way from home, and it was as if we'd known each other for several lives. There was zero awkwardness and the meeting cemented what we already knew and felt.


I'm not convinced it was an accident but have yet to extract the truth from my father. A few things conspired that day and led to me meeting Mac and I don't believe for one second any of them were accidental.

How long was it before you were an official couple?

Quite some time. We didn't date any other people, but we weren't dating either! We saw a lot of each other, well as much as was possible. We lived quite a distance from each other (a good three hour drive) and plus my job involves a bit of traveling.


Really, I doubt that that's anyone's business but ours.

Describe his personality.

He's caring, considerate, stands his ground (has been known to growl when I push him hard) can get plenty angry at himself - mostly. He has a MacGyver approach to solving problems and I've never known him to think inside the square!
He's mentally strong and Mensa smart. Not arrogant, can be very sure of himself and with equal measure - doubt himself and his ability. Let me just add, he ain't perfect - neither of us are, but we work - we got it right.

What was it you fell for in Mac?

Initially the way he wrote - then the way he thought - then his smile - then his laugh... and eventually (as the relationship progressed to allow more knowledge) him, the whole person... the way he ran his hands through his hair and they way he keeps his head when those around us are losing theirs...

Do you believe in soul mates?

I don't know, maybe. I believe in souls and I believe we meet the same souls we once knew over and over again. We draw the same energy to us. but I'm not sure about the much used 'soul mate' tag.

Can you share one moment of your lives with me?

Didn't I just do that?

Something personal?

I carry a Glock 17. Mac prefers a .357 magnum.

That's not what I meant.

If you want to know our secrets you'll have to read Killerbyte, lol. Yeah I know that's not fair but life isn't fair.

We both have a weakness for tequila....

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