Saturday, May 23, 2009

Everyone say hey to Dennis

The day finally came, Spike dropped Elvis and Tony's new friend off this afternoon... He is a special present from the Gortex Stranger.

I have named him Dennis (After the BTK strangler)

Ya gotta admit the look on his face is similar. - Creepy huh?

So here he is... with Tony and Elvis, who apparently decided there was no room for Dennis on top of the cd case - after they met him. Nice guys! Real nice.

It's Saturday - I'm editing.
It's also freezing, raining, blowing a gale, oh and we have sleet at times.

I've managed to bake and also make cheesecake.

killerbyte is still at number seven!!! Very exciting!

The Prime minister is following me on twitter... that is so cool, I don't know where to start.

And I had a wonderful at the book club meeting the other night, was a blast being the guest speaker. Who'd have thought anyone would want to hear what I have to say about writing? And I got asked for my autograph! (Signed everyone's cards)

Apparently signing autographs makes me famous according to scariest-of-all-daughters and son-the-younger.


Lee said...

hello Dennis

Cat Connor said...

He'd wave but sadly he has handcuffs on. Being a gnome he doesn't talk much! (Just glows creepily...)

notenoughwords said...

I will be having Dennis-inspired nightmares now, you bad woman!

I see you...

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