Monday, May 25, 2009

Eight days

killerbyte has now done eight days at number seven... time to move on up!! :)

I spent all weekend working on Terrorbyte. Literally all weekend, I did nothing else. By last night the manuscript was driving me crazy.

It's now safely in the hands of two readers. One being the talented Lee Pletzers, the other the exceptional Sara J Henry.
To say I am a tad nervous is quite the understatement. The last time this was read was the actual first draft and it was late last year. (Thank you Graeme Johns!) He read it moments before the commissioning editor at Penguin NZ read it. Remember when Penguin NZ liked me, much? and then it all fell over cos I'm not kiwi enough? - let me just say NUMBER SEVEN on an international list! In fact, only kiwi in TOP TEN. Not only that, but only debut author in TOP TEN.

So a weekend of tweaking the story and tying up loose ends (I hope). It was kinda fun. Right up until I made myself cry. Dah!

Monday started slowly. Chris is sick. I was tired from spending all weekend doing what we've already discussed... and sort of lost really. Can't be tweaking the ms until I hear back from Lee and Sara.

So what to do?

well... I polished the house, it gleams and smells slightly lemony.

Then I opened the Gnominator! Yes that's right... spurred on by Dennis, Elvis and Tony.

I went to work fiddling with the manuscript, and have mostly decided it's time I did something with it. It is an entirely kiwi set/kiwi book. With an explosion or two and some rather interesting characters. (Donald is my favorite - you'll see)

I haven't yet decided exactly what I'm doing with the Gnominator. Possibly a title change. No doubt the exact one will leap at me shortly. Then we might start making noises about finding a kiwi publisher... I don't see an international market for this particular story. Maybe Aussie because so many kiwi's are there! Or maybe I'll shove it back in the drawer.
I dunno.

I like the story - it's odd. Very odd, as throughout the story is another story being read to one of the characters. As I said odd.

So what were you all up to this weekend?

I'd ask for a show of hands regarding the killerbyte competition - but don't worry I won't. Saves everyone going... 'ohh darn, never quite got around to that!'

In the immortal words of Breezy, "Never mind."


Sara J. Henry said...

Hard at work on it now! Too tired to get far last night.

Marvin D. Wilson said...

I've been pounding away at - well, I have 3 WIP's but one is close to finished rough draft so been focusing on that one. I NEED TO GET SOMETHING ALL DONE!

Remind me not to start 3 books at once ever again.

The Old Silly from Free Spirit Blog

Cat Connor said...

Three at once, Marvin? That is most impressive!

Go you!

I see you...

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