Saturday, May 2, 2009

Death by Chlorine gas

As I am being harrassed again - by the same person - again. I need to make my blog on MySpace friends only, and cannot for the life of me remember how to do that!

Could someone tell me where to find the appropriate box to check, please!

Not sure if the person has found my other blogs yet - guess time will tell.

I am so over this shit, you have no idea!!!

And as for taking things out of context from my blog and trying to say they're about him... I don't fucn think so. Can y'all say defamation?

1. I have far more interesting things going on in my life, and have no reason or need to say/do anything negative toward anyone else. (Unless of course you include the killers in my books... and then it's open season and rightly so)
2. Some advice for you all in blog land... Don't fall into the age old trap of believing your own bullshit -cos it leads nowhere fast and makes you look like an idiot.
3. Did everyone cop a look at the mobipocket best of list? Did ya see who was sitting in the list with the BIG boys?
4. Just in case you didn't... here is the link go look at the right hand side of the page...


Now back to work... no time for any more interruptions today. Have Terrorbyte to polish. (No doubt someone somewhere will take offense or see something that isn't there and cause a stink about it... such is life.)

Now for the fun bit...
I came up with a truly delightful way of dealing with someone in Terrorbyte - was there all along but I didn't really see it till today. Death by Chlorine gas. And the beauty is - I'd already put in all the ground work... I love it when plans unexpectedly come together. So that explains how why he was dead when it didn't look as though the car crash killed him, and why the car and him stunk of chlorine. - it's quite clever ya know and I'm not giving away the delivery system... you'll just have to wait for the book. :)

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Maureen McGowan said...

That stalker thing is scary.

LOVE the titles of your books! And my fav days as a writer are those days when I realize I already laid the groundwork for some amazing twist I didn't even see coming.

Cat Connor said...

They are my fav days too! It's just wonderful to discover our minds were already on track...


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