Sunday, May 17, 2009

Competition reminder...

The competition will runs from May 4th until May 25th...You have 8 days left!!
It is open to everyone.

Answers can be sent to me at myspace mail or hotmail. I will contact the winners via email (or myspace mail), the winners will also be announced in my blogs. Please use catconnor at hotmail dot com, to contact me and put either COMPETITION or CROSSWORD as the subject.

Now for the competition part... There are two competitions - one is a crossword and the other is a list of questions.

Competition one:
Get your crossword by emailing me (catconnor at hotmail dot com), Please put CROSSWORD in the subject line so I don't miss it!! I will send a pdf of the crossword.
(simply note your answers into an email and send it back that way - or take a pic, or scan the crossword... I don't mind as long as you get the answers back to me...)

Competition two:
For those who just want to answer the questions:

Here they are in three parts. Completing all parts (correctly) puts you in a draw for a tote bag etc. (one part - draw for fridge magnets, two parts- draw for keyring.)

Part one:

1. Ellie's title.

1a. The name the Unsub referred to himself as in the newspaper.

2. What does Ellie call Mac when he gets lost?

3. Name the hotel in DC where Ellie and Mac stayed.

4. Executive Assistant Director who?

5. What fast food drive thru speaker did the Unsub hack into?

6. The type of chat room Ellie ran?

7. What did the Unsub write his poems on?

8. Who was in the bath tub?

9. The invisible man. (character name not actor)

10. The TV show that the mechanic at the garage reminded Ellie of.

Part two:

11. Cafe where Mac was drugged.

12.The gun Ellie carries.

13. Ellie's chat nick.

14. Mac's chat nick.

15. Mac's father was a retired what?

16. Another name for Ketamine.

17. FBI Agent who was also a doctor.

18. Ellie's dad.

19. Name of Cat's publisher.

20. What was the GPS device Ellie carried, concealed in?

21. The next book in this series is?

Part three:

22. Nick name of Mac's father.

23. Who played Mac in the book trailer?

24. Ellie's brother.

25. Ellie's boss. (SAC)

26. What was Aidan's surprise for Ellie and Mac?

27. The color of the cast on Ellie's arm.

28. What organ hung from the ceiling in Mac's spare room?

29. Name one of Ellie's favorite bands.

30. Who was dead in the dumpster?

31. What does festering-old-redneck-disaster stand for?

32. The town where Ellie lived.

33. Name of Ellie's pet chicken.

34. What was Beatrice making in the basement?

35. Cat Connor's first crime thriller.

Good luck!! For those that require (or just want help) Ellie said she'll provide three clues per person. You can reach her through her MySpace page.

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