Saturday, April 25, 2009

One glass? I don't think so...

It's ANZAC day. At some stage I have to make biscuits. ANZAC biscuits. Luckily they're dead-easy to make, and only involve one saucepan to prepare.
I have to make them because the Squealer comes home tomorrow from her holiday. (Which means my break is almost over) ANZAC biscuits are one of the few things she really loves. And she was concerned she'd miss out, because she wasn't here. And we cant have that, because it may end in a melt down.

Crikey it's almost eight-thirty. Things to do, places to go, etc. (Well not till later but this could take me awhile and later could happen while I'm distracted.)

There is a suggestion on twitter that the glass of wine I had last night caused me to fall off the couch while watching Rove. I simply don't think so. I doubt it enhanced the amusement factor of Rove overly much either.
But what did happen earlier in the night was this... when I'm writing I tend to see things differently. (Maybe through Ellie's eyes, maybe a combination of Ellie, Mac, and me) Whatever it is, it effects my mood. Mostly in a good way. It's like being high. (You should try it... it's legal and long lasting) I do know it's catchy. I can spread the madness quite easily. Some people are more susceptible than others though.
Every thing yesterday and last night was funny. 'Two and a half men' is brilliant anyway - but last night it was over the top funny.
Plus this whole... I know something you don't know... thing, just adds to it.

Woke up smiling this morning. (Chris is prepared to take the blame for that, lol)

It's a beautiful day. The sun is shining. It's Autumn. Chris is adding two more lights to the garden. Solar powered, as all our outdoor lights are.

I best get moving before I run out of time... the blood worked well . :)

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