Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday morning and four sleeps...

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So where have I been?

At lunch time on Saturday the girls and I found new bush walk at our park - marvelous! When we emerged into light once more Breezy's keen eyes spotted her favorite person. With renewed energy she wriggled from my arms and took off across the park shrieking, "Kane! Kane!"
The four kids played - and so did we. Great fun was had by all. Four o'clock came around quickly and Breezy suddenly wanted to go home. Turns out she was thirsty - and downed two mugs of lemonade once we were home.

It was a lovely afternoon. Squealer had as much fun as Breezy - which was great. She actually joined in and played ball etc.

Sunday - with the ending of Day light savings we found ourselves up early and good to go. Chris decided to get the lawns done - in preparation for the BBQ on Friday.
So he did the backyard then started on the front (which didn't really need doing... cos our very nice neighbor does it - although lately its been the stabbing victim who has been doing it - Mr. Next-door has delegated.) so Chris did the front, then spent five minutes undoing the gate of next-doors place, so he could do their front too.... ya gotta be quick!

Then it was off to the Warehouse to return our Gazebo... we got it for Christmas from Michelle and Marek, only to have one leg break off the third time we used it.
They didn't have any in stock - due to it being autumn now... so I opted for an outdoor table and four chairs (which I've wanted since we got the new deck...) so now we have it. YAY. Just the thing for the BBQ. Now all I need is a working laptop - and I could be sitting outside working!! - which would be perfect.

And I bought Chris a flood light... 500 watts, halogen bulb. We wanted light for Friday - the joy of day light saving ending is that we'll be outside in the dark, lol.
So last night he tried it out. He put a hook up on the fire escape ladder and hung the lamp from it...
We'll be wearing sunnies on Friday night - especially if we're on the grass and facing the house!!!
The back yard lit up like daylight.
I can see that it might make the grumpy assed troll who lives behind us a bit pissy... so we'll angle the light down a bit more! No doubt, he'll bitch and moan. No doubt, I'll try to care and fail.

A sad predicament has arisen... my Jovi jeans. You know the ones with the album covers down the right leg... they are too big! I put them on this morning and even a belt ain't gonna help. They've gotten baggy in the thighs and ass as well... not impressed, and yet I am. The joy is I've obviously lost weight.
That would explain my need to wear a belt with all my jeans!
So... I'll get smaller jeans...

Let me just say.. Vista Print rock!

The car magnet has arrived, so have the oversized postcards, and my cap. I always wear one (NZ sun is dangerous) so I may as well be advertising Killerbyte while I do!! (and it's got my name on the back.. .gotta love it)

Crikey - there was something else I wanted to say but Breezy just got me to put a really tricky top on a Bratz and now I can't remember what it was... lol

Oh yeah - Chris spent all yesterday with a video editing program learning how to add special effects such as explosions, muzzle flashes, spurting blood... he now requires a green screen. Of course! And wants to do some more filming.
Chances are he'll end up making something fun from any filming we do at the BBQ.

For now it's back to the real world... vacuuming, dishes, beds, and bathrooms all need doing.

Currently Breezy is watching Crush. She's having a Jovi day. And that works for me.

I need to sit down later today and write a list of things I need to do before Friday. - blogs etc, and also things like groceries - it's been suggested that Chocolate Brownies might be good... and I want to make a choc cheesecake.
Need booze too... as tempting as tequila is, I think we'll stick to wine and save the tequila until Chrissy is here. (unless some Crazy Mexicans find there way onto my shopping list.)

Y'all be good ya hear!

I'll be back tomorrow night - see ya then.

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