Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mojo JoJo and the giant adventure

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It's getting late on Wednesday night - tomorrow Jo Jo is heading to Christchurch to live. after making the decision a few weeks ago.
It's all very exciting. She's off to do her thing and hopefully that will eventually involve Art school at Canterbury Uni.

She's going back with her Chrissy and Tink in the morning. I think they have to be out of the house at some ungodly hour... before seven I believe! I'm thinking I may not be awake...

We've had a lovely few days, it's been fun.

Last night, after having a small tantrum over the shitty bloody bollocky Epson transfer paper... okay it wasn't so small. Kane came in during the tail end. And saved the day.
The backing paper is not coming away from the printed surface without tearing and sticking, and then requires hours of careful picking to remove it!
NEVER has this happened before, I am suspecting a bad batch of paper. Tomorrow it goes back and I will have a replacement BUT not from that batch.
So anyway... Kane managed to get the last annoying bits of paper off my sweatshirt. I don't think he's seen me look quite so pissy before.

I did consider that drinking wasn't smart... it was brief and followed by a bottle of Shiraz. (And that followed a very nice Merlot)

Eventually the tarot cards came out to play, and I found the perfect home for the Moon garden tarot. I've had them for years but they never belonged to me. They weren't for me, and I always knew it.
Moon garden for the Cancer... I gave them to Kane. Judging by the reading they were happy to be given.

Ended up being a late night and involved much laughter.

In case you've missed it.... killerbyte

Fairly early morning this morning... I'm a little tired now. :)

Josh took these pics tonight, no clue what happened to my camera - it started out fine and the pics ended up grainy and shite... odd.

The comment has been made that one nice photo would be lovely! I don't see that
happening.... LOL

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