Monday, April 20, 2009

The joy of being home...

Got in to Wellington about 4:30 yesterday afternoon, have to say I was delighted to see the city. Felt like a long bloody week. Well it was a long week - involving many painkillers to attempt to kill the headache I left with.

Chrissy, Breezy, Tink and I walked through the door here just after five... my first act was to say hello to Chris - who had missed me. The house was immaculate! It's like no kids were here for a week!!! Within a half hour it was 'lived' in again... The second thing I did was open a bottle of red... and unwind, and convince Kane next door that he needed a glass or three. (Squealer is staying down South for another week, so I get a break for the first time in months.)

Two bottles later... Chrissy put herself to bed, Kane and I said goodnight. The kids were fast asleep and I was home! Really home.

This morning I woke early. Smiling. No headache, despite the quantity of wine I consumed. Seems the headache was related to being away and not to anything I was doing or not doing. Well I guess it kinda was a 'not doing' thing, as I was stressing about not being able to blog, or email, or text, or keep in touch with anyone at all. Usually I love being in the Sounds, but this is the first time I've had a novel released and being so out of touch was majorly stressful. As it is, it will take days to get through all the email backlog. I don't know if I am brave enough to open my yahoo account... lol.

Have now caught up on laundry, etc. Got a large roast in the oven... we're going to need to get more wine. :)

I think something is happening on Saturday - but am at a loss as to what that is. It involves fruitcake, this much I know... I got a text from Michelle saying the fruitcake was ready for the weekend.... I have a feeling whatever it is was discussed at the book launch, but the only thing I remember talking about is a Tequila day (holidays, doesn't have to be night) this Tuesday. Lee, any ideas? lol. I can see I'm going to have to pop next door and ask Kane if he remembers.

Meanwhile, managed to buy killerbyte for the parents... they couldn't quite figure it out. Mobipocket is not a difficult site to use, so it's done and now they can read. (Well maybe)

God it's good to be back... even better to have a pc that works, and internet on tap.

I did get some writing done, but that is in a notebook and long hand. At some stage I will add it to Satellite. Should be a fun thing to do later this week. Nice to be writing again. Nice to be talking to Ellie and Mac again.

Why is twitter over capacity so often... it bugs me. Really bugs me. And it's slow.

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