Thursday, April 9, 2009

I've been awake half the night...

It's now after six this Thursday morning. That would be the 9th of April. Which makes tomorrow Good Friday, and the release day, and the launch BBQ.
Currently it's pissing with rain.. but that is supposed to disappear during the morning - Toni said so all week on the TV 3 news, and we believe her! Tomorrow will be fine... it will be perfect.
We will light up the backyard with a 500 watt halogen lamp - and party.

Thinking along those lines... might pay if I had some Panadiene on hand for Saturday morning.

Today - the excitement on being on Amazon is still with me - accounts for being awake half the night. And Joan De La Haye sent me a cool email, after Googling me and killerbyte. Tempted to print it and keep it, in my scrap book. The first result was Amazon and then this blog, right after it. It's so cool.

So far the only person who can't make it to the BBQ tomorrow is an ED doc who is away. So it should be fabulous fun.
There will be pictures, and movie sequences. Now that Chris has discovered the joy of green screen - and exploding heads... there is no telling what kind of blood bath the BBQ will become in the end!

Squealer has a friend staying over tomorrow night - I am hoping it will keep her occupied. Breezy won't need occupying as Caedy and Conman will be here for her, and she goes to bed at 6- 6:30. I'm thinking Caeds will stay - he wanted Pops to get him (cos that's what he does) so he could stay again last weekend. Him and Breezy are inseparable - they walk around hand in hand being spontaneously cute! - I think it's while they are deciding what to get into next... :)

Today I have to make sure everything is done - might even clean my desk! Amazing!! Have some baking to do, I feel the need to make Brownies - this recipe has a kilo of chocolate, 9 eggs etc... have a courier arriving sometime with a celebration cake (just like in the movies) friend Michelle has organized it. And the baker found me on Amazon. (I love that bit, it's so cool!)

Oh my I forgot to get furniture polish... bugger, will have to remember that tonight when I go get South African wine (My publisher is South African - so it seemed fitting...) and as much as I hate to admit it, my current favorite wine isn't a New Zealand one - it's Australian... I'm such a traitor. I shall hang my head in shame while guzzling the Merlot.

Jo Jo is coming today - staying tonight - and giving me a hand with the getting organised thing. Which is fabulous. Will be in dire need of another pair of hands - especially while melting all the choc for the brownie recipe.

Got a text while I was sleeping last night (its not unusual) Chrissy is coming home with us from The Sounds on the 19th. Yay. Will pass that along to Chris, he doesn't have to come pick us up from the Ferry as she's bringing her car across.

Crikey it's really bucketing down outside.. don't lose faith... it wil be sunny and fine for the BBQ!!!

It's time I made more coffee and started getting sorted... no one is up yet, so that's a good time to get things done.

I've been walking around with a grin on my face for weeks now - it's now permanent... amazing how many people see that as a challenge and do their damnedest to wipe it away! What's with that? Suck it up people, I'm a happy person - deal with it!
I think with some - if they did smile their faces really would crack and fall off. Should I start carrying crazy glue?

Be good y'all.

Confuse people - smile!


joandelahaye said...

South African wine is really good! Have fun tomorrow night! I'll be toasting you and killerbyte on this side of the planet ; )

Joan De La Haye

Cat Connor said...

Glad it's good, have a South African Merlot, Shiraz, and a cab sav.

No doubt we will have a blast tonight - pictures will be uploaded once hang-overs subside! ;)

You rock, Joan!

I see you...

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