Friday, April 24, 2009

I have a plan so cunning...

Actually it may indeed be too cunning... but I doubt it.

Because someone hasn't got his pc fixed yet - he won't learn of the plan until I scare the bejesus out of him tomorrow night. If only I could stop the grin on my face and the evil laugh! I love it when a plan simmers in my mind then comes together as if by magick.

Gotta make blood later today. Gonna need a few syringes full. (sixty mil)

So anyway, how is everyone? Have my listening concerned face on - so make the most of it, it doesn't happen often and may not be repeated again this year.

I'm quite concerned about this plan remaining secret... it's going to be bloody hard not to fire off a text or let slip while having our nightly cuppa.
There will be biting of tongues... well, I will be, no need for anyone elses tongue or teeth to be involved at all, ever.

Moving right along before I let slip and some bright spark thinks I know that person and tells all.

What next?

That's right the annoyance of Facebook, yes I know, I have mentioned how I hate it before. But now it's really gone too far.
I was emailing MY FRIENDS in Facebook with a blurb and a link to buy killerbyte. Yes, that's right shameless self promotion. Facebook had the cheek to warn me about being inappropriate! What a fucn cheek! My friends, my email, my book - nothing untoward at all. Wankers.
Quite frankly I don't need their encouragement I can be inappropriate if I want to be. Now I find myself falsely accused... may as well go ahead and do the crime.

Unimpressed almost covers it, if you add some snarling and cursing.

Then they suggested I make a fan page... stupid.
So I did.
But how does one tell people about it if you can't email all your friends on Facebook? Such shite!
I can't even get the fucking URL because they've hidden them all and I can't find it, or the one to my actual Facebook page... what is the point of using Facebook if you can't email friends?
Am I missing something... is it NOT a social network site?

Dick heads!

Just let me get this out of my system or the zombies tomorrow night may truly become zombies.

Thank you for your patience.

Oh dear, the puppy next door is crying... Breezy is outside eating and I guess Raro wants some too.

Apart from the upset of Facebook this morning, it's been rather pleasant today. Imagined myself working.
Good thing I have a vivid imagination.

Yesterday I did manage to write a couple of thousand words, Satellite is coming along nicely. I also managed to have a bit of a tweak at Terrorbyte. I really need to devote some time and energy to polishing that story, it is the one after killerbyte, after all.


Had a bit of fun on twitter today. Incredibly. I've been slow to see the merit or joy of it. But have finally discovered some more kiwis and a few pesky Australians (ones cute but short - I like him!) , so the chance for actual conversation is higher than before.
It feels almost like progress.

Had fun chat with Lee too in twitter. He's looking at place just around the corner from us tomorrow and looks like he and Ami will be mixed up in my cunning plan. In fact he offered a solution to what could be a sticking point for Chris.

No, you can wait... I shall tell you on Sunday... it may involve pictures.

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Lee said...

you tying me up to your plan!! LOL.

Cat Connor said...

hmmm lol, now that ain't right! ;)

joandelahaye said...

See...told you twitter was good!
As for the Facebook fan page. Make yourself a fan. Makes it easier for you to find it later. At the bottom left hand corner is a little button that says 'Share' - it's under the Report Page thingie. The Share button will let you email all your friends from your normal page. Have any other probs, just shout!

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