Wednesday, April 15, 2009

From Marlborough

Good morning - no clue what the actual date is, but it's four sleeps till I will be back home and blogging with pics of this trip!

The kids are kinda having fun, Squealer ended up at the doctors yesterday - on the nebuliser and then on steriods. She seems improved now, but is on steriods for the next two days. (She is also back on Flexitide now)
Breezy has been tearing around like a loon. We played hide and seek inthe bush and the garden yesterday. There were photos but then I had to delete them from my phone to take pics of the jelly fish I was annoying earlier today.

While I am down here (in low tech, no tech land... and have to text by getting to the highest point of the house and raising my arm above my head - or going to the beach!) I've been thinking about competition ideas.

I have a few, admittedly one of them was Kanes, and I had it before I left. Thats the killerbyte crossword idea. '
Its a good one and if I can find the program I used to have that generates crosswords... I'll create one when I get home!
The next idea was a kinda twenty questions game. - I'm thinking on this currently. Let's hope my brain is still working without technology to help it.

I also have the urge to write... of course I don't really want to work form my flash drive... in fact I'm not sure that this pc can cope with me doing that.

Am about to disappear and clean this machine... really clean it!

Stay cool till I get home.. will try and check in again soon... go buy killerbyte, and read the awesome review!


dioni blasco said...

holaa no se como he llegado hasta aqui, pero ya que disfruto de leer tu pagina te dejo un mensajito en forma de abrazo. suerte con tu blog y espero que nos volvamos a ver pronto...
un besote

Marvin D. Wilson said...

Hurry back and bring on the pics!

Cat Connor said...

About to post some pics... :)

I see you...

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