Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Feel like a challenge?

This afternoon I muddled my way through several programs that all reckoned they could create crosswords, mostly they lied. Or did a piss poor job of it. Then I found one that worked.
Oh the joy!

You've no idea how joyful it was to discover the program worked, after inputting the clues and words for the sixth time in two hours! There were many colorful phrases spoken.... Breezy has a whole new branch added to her vocab tree.

The result was rather pleasing... but it remains to be seen if it's enjoyable to do. And how exactly it would work. Currently the crossword is a printable pdf. Which is fabulous. There is another pdf with the solution. But how to get the results back off people could be the interesting part...
Although I guess it wouldn't be too hard for a person to take a picture of the finished crossword and send it to me. Or to put the answers in a list format in a .doc and send it to me.

Thinking on it.


Lee said...

or they could simply scan it and email the jpg to you

Lee said...

hey, for the link, want me to use this blog?

Cat Connor said...

oh yeah scanning, forgot about that! Mine sits behind the couch cos i just take pics of everything now! :)

this one is fine.

I see you...

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