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Cornevil, saturday night, zombies, and squealing

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Last night, not late - a little after five we jumped into Lee and Ami's car and headed north.

I do believe there will be a blog that doesn't sing the praises of the old Akatarawa Road. Lee will probably write it. lol
It's almost a single lane and winds up through the Akatarawa valley and over the hills (they could be mountains they're quite high). There are no street lights, there is little sign of life.... quite a few sets of locked rusted tall gates were scene on the way. as darkness began to creep in the road became something from a horror movie set.
The occassional on-coming car proved to be interesting.
I think we all expected to see strange figures by the side of the road that disappeared into the bushes on the backward glance.


Anyway - the road wound on and eventually (there was much relief) we found ourselves in Waikanae. From there is was State highway 1, up the country through towns and farmland to Sanson. And this.
By the time we arrived it was dark.

We clambered from the car, wondering what would happen next. There was music, and the noise of people, a few cars parked. Chris nudged me. I looked up just as a chainsaw wielding zombie scared the bejesus out of Ami.
I'd seen him lurking behind cars as I got out of the car. Admittedly I was surprised to see a zombie in the car park. Such joy!

We headed toward the noise and the people. I was keeping a weather eye on the darkness behind us - you never know.

We hung around for about half an hour. With a horde of teenagers and the occassional scary dude who wandered through sneaking up on people.

No sign of our neighbor and his family.

Then things happened, ushered into through a 3D room we all sat along the walls and listened to the rules. A zombie type leather masked scary guy took a liking to Ami and reckoned she would make it out of the maze in ten minutes. (It takes about 45... unless you run)

Then we were off. Set free in the maze in our groups. Waiting to go through all you could hear was screaming... we could see torch lights... so those people hadn't gotten far when the screaming began.

Yep, ya don't get far before someone jumps out and grabs ya. (Insert wild screaming here!)

Yes, we got lost.

Yes, we had fun.

The giggling chick behind a wire fence was Chris's favorite... she giggled away then suddenly ran an angle grinder along the fence. Fantastic!

I liked the girl with the doll, who sat in a bath sobbing... the rest of the bathroom was a little covered in guts and entrails. She wa awesome, especially when she leapt out and shoved the doll in our faces. (insert Ami screaming here)

Chainsaw guy - fucking fabulous! We managed to sneak by him while he had some poor girl against a fence. I think she may have been the girlfriend of a boy who took off! I doubt she'll be impressed with his wimpy self and suspect he'll be going home alone.

I noticed the coffins... ones whose lids weren't quite shut were trouble.

The bridge and the troll on the bridge - awesome. The other guy (pirate type I think) who leapt up while the troll had out attention was great.

Not so keen on the clowns. I made a mistake of mentioning clowns... one become rather attached to me. He was pulling my ponytail, patting my head, following me, touching my back and shoulders... whispering in my ear. I think I did rather well to speak to him and not squeal!

When I made a comment in the middle of the maze about Ami's friend coming (she was attracting scary things all over the place) the zombie called back, "I'm not paid enough to make friends."

I found them to be very interactive... which was great cos I couldn't stop myself from talking to them. For a while there I must've been a challenge cos I was attracting them like Ami.

We all knew when Ami had had enough... she was running and pulling Lee along! we had some helpful scary folk point out things like, we'd gone the wrong way, or missed something. That was great, if they hadn't we'd still be there.

All an all, good fun.

I did spot the neighbor - well one of his brothers actually... trying to tip over a portaloo as we exited the maze. I wondered if Kane was in the loo at the time. :)

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