Monday, March 23, 2009

With 'Joey' stuck in my head...

Current mood:trying not to think about it but it's impossible not too.

I think Bon Jovi's Joey was in my head when I went to bed, it would account for a few things. lol. The less said about those things the better.

So, it's Monday - March 23rd.
I've had several emails from my nobtastic editor, Jayne Southern. She's doing that last pass on Killerbyte - and so far she's really happy with the changes I've made.
Let's hope her happiness continues.

I'm beginning to feel a sense of excitement build. On Friday it was more trepidation and bordered on outright fear at times... seeing killerbyte so close to a release date is incredible. It's been a hell of a journey. I've learnt a lot. I'm still learning.
The joy of knowing everything I learnt in the writing and editing etc of killerbyte flows over to Terrorbyte and the next two... Simon is currently reading Terrorbyte and making notes. It wont be long before Terrorbyte is ready for submission.
No rush though... first first up is killerbyte and that's a story worth reading, savoring and reading again.

I'm glad I quit smoking, I doubt I'd survive this with the added nicotine buzz! Bad enough my coffee intake is on the rise.

Have ear marked a couple of bottles of Merlot to celebrate the actual day killerbyte is released. No matter how much I wanted a glass over the weekend, I resisted... it's not time yet. I think I'll open the chat room that day. So anyone who doesn't have an account at Phriek should go sign up.
Cobwebs will appear in the NZ General section. I'll let you know ahead of time. Those of you who haven't been in a chat room before - it's not at all scary - and can be a lot of fun. Especially if you want to share poetry!

Am placing another order with Vista tomorrow - should be fun.

Tony came by yesterday. He suggest some music (his) that might work with the current project... he's right. I listened to it, and it fits very well indeed.

The weekend was fairly busy, yet I managed to sleep in both days! I never do that. Guess I was tired.

Breezy's books just arrived... I ordered her ten new books. Should keep her busy for sometime.

Currently I'm listening to 'Lost Highway' but first I had to play 'Joey' just to get it out of my head.

My phone just rang, the once, I missed the call... because it really wasn't one, it barely got to the first bar of 'lost highway' (yes that's my ringer) - I shall text the caller back shortly. I love caller ID.

Meanwhile the house needs cleaning - dirt and children have no regard for how exciting my life is becoming. (The cat doesn't care much either -she just swiped everything off the top of the fridge!!)

Oh and one more thing - anyone who would like a killerbyte postcard should email me their address. (You can use the contact form on my web page.)

I like where this is going...

Hope you all have had a good weekend.



L. Diane Wolfe said...

Worse things than BonJovi to have stuck in your head...

Save that Merlot!

L. Diane Wolfe

Cat Connor said...

He's often stuck in my head... gotta love it.

Erma said...

Make sure to let me know the date too and I'll have a drink the day before! Woot! I'm so excited for you! and Bon Jovi rocks!

Cat Connor said...

I certainly will!! Would be good if we could all coordinate something and have that drink together - hmmm - could be tricky with the time differences but the chat room would be a good forum. lol. I'll think on it!

I see you...

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