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I meant to do this first thing, but discovered I was out of coffee - so obviously needed to remedy that situation before any thought could take place.

Yesterday saw a few exciting developments regarding killerbyte.

The first being the release date is now set... April 10th. Which I chose because I'm going away on the 13th and it seemed far enough away and yet close at the same time! Just go with that, that's as good an explanation as you'll get from me at the moment.

So yeah - April 10th is the day! It's so exciting that the whole thing has become surreal. Even Joshy mentioned the surreality surrounding us at the moment. He was reading an email from my lovely publisher at the time.

Very soon review copies will be going out, so will press releases, and then there's local news papers and TV etc.

So anyway- back on earth - we're planning a BBQ for the launch day. That alone should keep me busy! The guest list seems to grow by the minute... glad I'm not cooking! ha ha ha.

There will be a competition once killerbyte is released. I have to say, it's possible that those who've been reading my blog for awhile may have an inside scoop when it comes to the competition. So I shall have to try very hard to compose ideas that don't favor you lot! Could be tricksy.

What else?

Ah yes the secret project hit a wall yesterday when it was discovered that the super duper video editing program Chris has doesn't like .mov files. I'm less than impressed with his super duper program and may do it myself.

Do I have the patience? is the question.

So in case you missed it

killerbyte will be released on April 10th on mobipocket and shortly thereafter on Amazon. (apparently they're slow loading things up)

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