Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Staring at your window

Current mood: every word was a piece of my heart

Wednesday started with someone calling my name at four in the morning. But there was no one calling my name. Maybe it was a dream.

At four-thirty Breezy was up and so was I. Sleep itself a dream.
I started answering mail and making those last little changes requested by my editor. At this point I just hope they made sense!

By six-thirty I'd finished, or I think I had. That's really anyone's guess at this point. I have no idea what I wrote.

It's after seven-thirty in the evening now... the day disappeared in a haze of words then spat up all over the bathroom floor. Funny how the words turned into weetbix and boiled egg. Squealer decided it would be funny to shut Breezy in the bathroom - Breezy panicked and got so upset she vomited all over the floor. (Narrowly missing me... )
Squealer will be in her room for the rest of the evening. What a nice end to a day she really enjoyed... sports day at school and it was a bubbly Squealer who greeted Michelle and I at three pm.
I hope she liked the way the day ended for her. Would seem a shame not too, after bringing it upon herself.

I was outside on the deck before looking up at her window - no face appeared. (She knew I was out there, she would've heard me talking to Kane) Either she's still sulking on her bed, or has actually fallen asleep.

It's been a long day.

Michelle and Marek visited for the afternoon - was fun. I showed them the Beaver ad. We discussed how much fall out there would be from it. Seems there was quite a bit in Australia, people were offended, imagine that? Personally, I found it hilarious.

(Anyone wanting to see what I'm talking about - Google 'kotex beaver ad'.)

Still have a smile on my face. It's been there all week. It's a a crazy cool thing, being high without being high. What's more, it's catchy. (Just ask my super cool neighbor)

I'm about to fall into bed. Sadly being high without being high doesn't prevent sheer and utter exhaustion... plus... it's where the dreams are. It's where the stories are. It's the closest I get to be to my characters.

(When I'm not hanging out with the Mac-a-like next door that is! )

Damn I sneezed and my head nearly blew off. Not a good look, I need it... hard to write without one!

On that note... good night.

Life is good and it just keeps getting better!

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Destination Anywhere
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Anonymous said...

Hey Cat,

I like your BLOG. Is the eye yours? If so, it's quite an amazing one. Oh yeah, the dream thing. Do you find that it's easier to work late at night? How many of our stories come to us in dreams? The subconscious has free reign when we're asleep so I figure that's when most of the actual story creation gets done. Drop me a line if you ever have time, and let me know your thoughts on the matter.

The Live Writer Guy,
Steve Denton

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